Inspiring Business Stories: The Success Story of Any-Haw Litson Manok

They might not consider themselves as rich millionaires but Zaldy and Ruby Dela Cruz admitted they are now living comfortably – they are able to buy anything they wanted and are sending their kids to private schools – but life had not always been easy for this industrious couple.

The couple married even before Ruby graduated from college; although Zaldy graduated from an engineering course, Ruby was not able to return to school and finish her degree. The first few years of their marriage were rough as the two tried hard to make ends meet.

After a stint as OFW and later becoming a tricycle driver when he finally went back to the Philippines, Zaldy realized they must do something to turn their life around or they would be stuck in a limbo and he, an engineer, could be a tricycle driver earning a pittance for the rest of his life.

They took a loan from GSIS amounting to P100,000. They paid off all other existing loans and credits before using what remained of the money to buy equipment to start a litson manok (roasted chicken) business.

The couple joyfully recounted to “My Puhunan” host Karen Davila that they had to buy 50 additional chickens on the first day they opened their first Any-Haw Litson stall because the first 50 they had planned on selling were quickly sold out!

With hard work and determination, they were able to open a new branch within just 6 months! Today, not only does the couple have 7 branches of Any-Haw Litson, they also have a restaurant serving other menu items aside from their roasted chicken.

Watch their inspiring story on “My Puhunan” in this video:

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