Inspiring Stories: From “Tindera” to Successful Businesswoman

Growing up in a poor family struggling to feed 12 children, Zenaida “Zenny” Corcuera realized at a young age that she must work hard in order to have money. Would you believe that her life as an entrepreneur started at a tender age of 6?

Although living right by the train tracks made life difficult for the family, it also paved the way for Zenny to earn money and become a successful businesswoman in the future. But she started as a 6-year-old girl who sold sampaguita and water inside the trains that stopped by the station near her home.

She did not need a huge capital for her small business because she simply asked for sampaguita from their neighbor and would string the flowers herself. As for the water, she would bring a pitcher and a glass; it was not bottled water she was selling.

Because her parents just could not afford to give them money for “baon”, Zenny would only stop selling after the last train departed, even if meant going home past midnight.

As Zenny grew, she realized there was more money in selling peanuts than water and sampaguita. So, she sold peanuts during her spare hours from school. It was through peanuts that Zenny slowly built her empire.

The hard work and long hours did not deter Zenny from reaching hard for her dreams. From being a mere “tindera”, Zenny would later experience great success. Once a poor girl chasing trains to sell her goods, Zenny is now a successful businesswoman whose company sells packed peanuts and other “pasalubong” items or “kakanin”. Her company has also recently expanded and will soon be exporting the delicious goodies to other countries!

Now known as the “Mani Queen of Laguna”, who would have thought Zenny started as a penniless girl who sold water and self-made sampaguita garlands inside the trains?

It truly is amazing how one can succeed with hard work and determination. Watch Zenny’s story on My Puhunan in this video:

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