‘Kargador’ Who Topped Board Exams, Now a Site Engineer and Teacher

Remember the ‘kargador’ (stevedor or porter) who ranked second in the February 2022 Mechanical Engineering Board Exams?

He’s now a site engineer and a teacher at a board exame review center. Isn’t that wonderful?

‘Kargador’ Went Viral for Topping Board Exams

When Mark Allen Armenion ranked second in the board exams, his story went viral because many people were amazed that he was able to achieve such an impressive feat despite his backstory.

Growing up in Warwick Barracks in Carbon Market, Cebu City, Armenion helped his parents at the market even at a young age. He recalls that his dad cooked lechon and his mom worked as a vendor at the public market.

Because he was often at the market to help his parents earn money for the family, he was absent from his classes even when he was still in elementary. So, it wasn’t surprising that there were many times when he failed.

‘Kargador’ Who Topped Board Exams, Now a Site Engineer and Teacher
Photo credit: Mark Allen G. Armenion

He flunked in grade 3 and also in third year high school.

He also experienced more hardships when his parents broke up and their home got demolished. These situations affected his studies, yet he realized later on that education might be the key out of his difficult life.

With determination and hard work, Armenion supported his education as a working student.

He started his engineering course at University of Cebu – Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue (UC-LM) but had to move to the university’s main campus after the demolition of their house in Mandaue (they moved to Cebu City afterwards).

Though he had redeemed himself by becoming an honor student in college, he failed to secure the Cum Laude recognition because he was a transferee.

Somewhat disappointed but still determined to succeed, this young man aimed to top the boarding exams instead.

Indeed, he was able to prove to everyone that despite not graduating with honors due to technicalities, he’s still capable to excelling in this field.

‘Kargador’ Who Topped Board Exams, Now a Site Engineer and Teacher
Photo credit: Mark Allen G. Armenion

Armenion admits to being ‘slightly disappointed’ that he wasn’t able to clinch the top spot but second best is still amazing, considering the thousands of graduates who took the mechanical engineering board exams with him.

As a licensed mechanical engineer, he was able to find a job as a site engineer – a far cry from his work as a porter at the market.

He also works as a part-time instructor at Alcorcon Engineering Review Center where he reviewed for the board exams.

Congratulations once again, Engineer Mark Allen Armenion!

What’s the Job of a Mechanical Engineer?

Mechanical engineers design a wide range of power-producing machines in buildings, vehicles, and various power-using machines. Some examples of machines they create include:

• Electric generators
• Internal combustion engines
• Steam and gas turbines
• Elevators and escalators
• Power-using machines (e.g., refrigeration and air-conditioning systems)

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