Learn How To Make Easy Banana Sticks That Can Earn As Much As P50K A Week

If you’re looking for something easy to make to jumpstart your business, you might want to try these simple banana sticks or saba sticks. These banana sticks are filling and are great snack alternatives instead of munching on junk foods.

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Mary Joy Dagang shares her story of how she was able to earn as much as P50,000 a week in selling banana sticks. Even better, she shows how to make these delicious snacks, so you get started on your small business.

Instead of the usual banana chips, banana sticks are a hit in Negros Occidental. Mary Joy shared on GMA’s Pera Paraan that she started her banana sticks business back in 2015. She joined a seminar conducted by their local government unit and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on building small businesses. The seminar provided free training and other guides on starting a business. Here, she was motivated to venture into business by selling banana sticks.

“Nagtry po along gumawa ng chips na kakaiba,” Mary Joy said. Now, Mary Joy sells banana sticks in 18 flavors. “Nagstart po ako sa isang flavor lang na cheese. Tapos nagtry na po ako nung garlic, spicy, at iba pa. Ang pinaka-bestseller po namin ay young chocolate,” she added.

Mary Joy recalled that she started with P5,000 capital and is now earning over P50,000 a week. They have a production area that allows them to produce 250 to 300 bottles a day. From 10 kilos of saba daily, they can now consume over 1 ton of bananas every 3 days. Because of the success of her business, Mary Joy was able to purchase a motorcycle and a delivery truck.

In the end, Mary Joy motivated other aspiring entrepreneurs not to lose hope but to continue working towards success. She said, “Huwag po tayong mawalang ng pag-asa. Kahit ano man pong struggle na dumating sa buhay nation.”

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How To Make Chocolate-Coated Banana Sticks

Using a slicer, slice saba or banana lengthwise thinly. You can always go with a knife if you don’t have a slicer. Just make sure slices are cut thinly. Start deep-frying the banana sticks in hot oil until golden brown. Once cooked, start transferring the banana sticks into a bowl with melted chocolate. Mix well until it’s completely coated in chocolate. Let dry before you start packing them in containers.

Mary Joy’s saba sticks business show that even simple business ideas can go big with hard work and creativity. If you’re interested in venturing into a business, you can start by looking for the easiest business you can start in the Philippines.

You can watch more of Mary Joy’s saba sticks business from GMA:

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