Single Mom Who Didn’t Even Finish High School, Builds Beauty Empire with Just Php37k

She doesn’t have a college degree; in fact, she had not even graduated from high school but single mom Tyffanie Short proved that you don’t always have to follow the rules of society to succeed in life.

I was not able to finish my fourth year in high school. And when I had my son, I already had to work, so it was full steam ahead from there,” Tyff told Entrepreneur PH.

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She gave birth to her son when she was just 18 years old. To support him, she found odd jobs and sold various items. Tyff would become a call center agent, working her way up the corporate ladder to become an executive assistant. Though the pay was great, she wanted to do something more to prove herself.

She found chemical-based face product and became a reseller. But though the profit was good, the product damaged her skin.

Photo credit: Instagram / @oneearthorganicsbeauty

In her bid to find an alternative, Tyff thought that it might be a good idea to produce her own line of organic beauty products.

I did more research and found plant-based ingredients that yielded better results than chemical-based ones. I teamed up with one of my closest friends to help me with the formulations since I don’t have a Chemistry degree, then I used my remaining savings as a capital to start production. Mind you, I only had 37,500 pesos in my account, which was meant for my son’s tuition fee downpayment,” she revealed.

Tyff found gold in One Earth Organics. As she was just starting out, she would use the product on herself and shared the results. Soon, the company grew and offered more products, all tried and tested by Tyff before hitting the shelves.

Photo credit: Instagram / @oneearthorganicsbeauty

My biggest insecurity were my underarms so I started with developing the Underarm Therapy Set, then I used Instagram to sell the products,” she revealed. The dramatic before-and-after photos of her underarms impressed a lot of netizens that soon her product line would become a huge success.

Today, One Earth Organics has become so successful that it has become a part of Beauty Bar. Aside from having a number of distributors across the Philippines, the brand has reached other countries, including Dubai, Qatar, UK, and Singapore.

Photo credit: Instagram / @oneearthorganicsbeauty

From a struggling single mom who wasn’t even able to graduate from high school when she started her company, who would have thought that Tyff would become CEO of a beauty empire? What an inspiration…

Joy Adalia
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