Cum Laude Student Who Sold Turon for School, Now a CPA

Remember Jogie Macaraeg Papillera, the student who sold turon for school and went viral for graduating cum laude?

She’s now a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) after passing the September-October 2023 Accountancy board exams.

Determined Working Student and a Young Businesswoman

Papillera inspired so many people because of the impressive story of how she started selling even back in elementary to support her studies and help her family.

A consistent honor student, who would have thought that Papillera spent many hours selling in the streets?

Cum Laude Student Who Sold Turon for School, Now a CPA
Source: Jogie Macaraeg Papillera

She detailed that while her father worked in a factory, her mother earned money by selling turon and banana cue as an ambulant vendor.

Even at a tender age, she knew that she can help the family earn money by also selling some of the items her mother sells. So, she volunteered to help, and plied a different route from her mom’s.

Together, they covered more ground and earned more.

And though Papillera juggled her studies with business and selling, she managed to graduate as valedictorian in both elementary and high school.

Then, she continued doing the same in college – and amazed netizens when she also graduated as cum laude.

Facing Hardships and Ridicule

Of course, it wasn’t all rainbows and roses for this hardworking and determined young lady. According to The Summit Express, Papillera also experienced being laughed at by other students because of what she’s doing to support herself.

However, this young woman also knew that there wasn’t anything wrong with selling food to support her studies – and she plodded on, despite times when she also felt too tired.

There were times when her body would tremble because of the weight of the goods she’s selling, yet she never gave up.

It’s a good thing she didn’t because she managed to pass her course with flying colors and is now a CPA!

Cum Laude Student Who Sold Turon for School, Now a CPA
Source: Jogie Macaraeg Papillera

Congratulations, Jogie Macaraeg Papillera.

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