Teenager Opens Shoe Restoration Business with Just Php300

A teenager opens a shoe restoration business with just Php300. He has successfully restored over 70 pairs of shoes – and counting! Wow.

Teenager Has Shoe Restoration Business

Who said teenagers are up to no good and just trying to waste their parents’ money? While that holds true for some (maybe many) teens, it can’t be said for 18-year-old Allen Hale Jaguimit who opened a shoe restoration business with a Php300 capital.

Photo credit: Smart Parenting

The young man was able to grow his buy-and-sell shoe restoration business which he started in 2019.

Photo credit: Smart Parenting

His passion for restoring shoes began when he had to restore his worn-out shoes. But even before that, the young boy loved leather shoes because he’s a fan of singer Michael Jackson. He had always dreamed of wearing the same shoes as what his idol wore on “Thriller.”

Photo credit: Smart Parenting

But money was tight for him and his mom, Michelle Jaguimit, who’s a single mother.

“‘Pag uwian po pumupunta ako sa ukay-ukay-ukay sa mga sapatero. Halos araw-araw po ako andun at eventually nakakita po ako ng dream shoes ko po na katulad po kay Michael Jackson. Pero kasi Php1,500 po yun…financial struggle po talaga kami noon kaya hanggang tingin-tingin po muna doon,” Allen explained.

Inipon ko po ‘yung baon ko na Php40 a day. May mga time nga rin po na malapit ko na siyang mabili kaya lang kailangan ni mama ng pang-budget so, inaabot ko na lang po muna sa kaniya.

Soon, he was able to buy the loafers. He learned to care for it, and that’s how he also developed a passion for shoe restoration.

shoe restoration business
Photo credit: Smart Parenting

His first impressive sale was a pair of Charles Tyrwhitt shoes he got for Php300 but sold for Php2,500. Wow.

Among his biggest profits are two shoes he initially bought for Php3,000 but sold for Php9,600.

Buy-and-Sell Business

This business model is easy. For many entrepreneurs, it involves buying something (from thrift shops or other sources), then restoring or improving it before reselling for a higher amount.

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