Who is Atong Ang in the Philippines?

Atong Ang has constant links with the Barretto clan, got involved in the impeachment trial of former President Joseph Estrada, and is recognized as one of the most famous ‘legal gambling lords’ in the Philippines. So many are wondering, who is Atong Ang and why is he so famous?

Atong Ang
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Who is Atong Ang?

Charlie Tiu Hay Sy Ang, best known simply as Atong Ang, is no stranger to controversy in the Philippines. He became famous in 2001 as the co-accused of then-President Joseph Estrada’s impeachment trial.

And it all started with the gambling turf war he had with then Ilocos Sur Governor and jueteng lord Luis “Chavit” Singson.

When Estrada was ousted in 2001, Ang fled to the US where he was later caught gambling in Las Vegas and extradited to the Philippines in 2006.

After entering a plea bargain with the government and promising to return the Php25 million commission he got from diverting the tobacco excise tax (part of Estrada’s case), Ang was absolved of all charges and was free again.

Controversies with Barretto Clan

He’s not a famous actor or a local star, but Atong Ang figures in several entertainment controversies after his involvement with the Barretto clan who are in show business.

Who is Atong Ang’s wife?

Atong Ang is married to Iris Ang but she’s mostly hidden from the spotlight despite having a famous husband.

Who is Nicole Barretto?

Nicole Barretto is the niece of showbiz sisters Claudine, Marjorie, and Gretchen Barretto. She’s the daughter of J.J. She’s not in showbiz but entered the limelight after a major fight with her aunt Gretchen whom she accuses of ‘stealing’ her boyfriend, Atong Ang.

In a statement, however, Atong declared that Nicole is “just like a daughter” to him. He said that they are “very close” but not in a relationship. He added that Nicole and her mother would often go to their house and bond with his wife and kids, but they’re not together.

Are Atong Ang and Gretchen Barretto Together?

Despite having been spotted on numerous occasions together, holding hands or cuddling with each other, Atong Ang and Gretchen repeatedly denied having a relationship.

They maintain that they are just business partners in online sabong in the Philippines and are just really good friends. Surprisingly, the two have been photographed together with Gretchen’s long-time partner, business tycoon Tonyboy Cojuangco.

The three appear to be close friends with each other, but they just couldn’t shake off the rumors that behind the friendship, Atong and Gretchen also have a relationship with Tonyboy’s blessing.

Considering that Tonyboy hasn’t left his first family to marry Gretchen, rumors are rift that he doesn’t mind ‘sharing’ Gretchen with his friend, Atong.

Some friends even confirmed Atong and Gretchen’s relationship.

How Much is Atong Ang Worth?

Atong Ang has never publicly declared his wealth, but his net worth is estimated to be up to $2 million or even more.

Former Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II claims that Atong earns Php50 million a day from his numerous gambling operations.

Ang admits that they earn “Php3 billion, more or less, as month.”

Does Atong Ang Own Online Sabong in the Philippines?

Although he’s being dubbed as a ‘gambling lord’ even by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, Atong admits that he is a gambling lord but a legal gambling lord.

He owns Lucky 8 Starquest, an online sabong platform.

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