Who is Maris Racal? Actress, Singer, and Business Owner

Who is Maris Racal? She’s not just an actress and singer, she’s a business owner! What’s her business and where can you visit to show your support (or perhaps meet her if you’re lucky)?

Who is Maris Racal? Actress, Singer, and Business Owner
Image credit: Maris Racal

Keep reading below to find out.

Maris Racal: The Actress and Singer

Maris Racal, full name Mariestella Cañedo Racal, hails from Tagum City in Davao del Norte, southern Philippines.

And though she was already a local star as she sang intermission numbers and other presentations in school, she became famous across the Philippines after she joined the reality TV show “Pinoy Big Brother: All In” where she placed second.

She signed a deal with Star Magic and was able to release her own songs as well as star in various TV shows and movies.

Maris also became a part of the girl group called Girltrends.

Maris Racal: The Business Owner

While it has long been a common situation for rising and famous stars to eventually get outshined by others and fall into poverty over mismanaged funds, many young stars of this generation are doing things a different way.

Today, it’s no longer uncommon to hear local celebrities opening and managing their own business ventures.

Maris is among these wise young stars. Back in December 2018, the singer and actress announced that she and her family were opening a restaurant in Davao, to be managed by her brother.

Aged 21 years at the time, Maris shared that she had been handling her finances even when she was still 16 years old because her parents taught her how to save money, the Inquirer reported.

At the height of her career, Maris didn’t splurge on luxury items and bought all the things she wanted. Instead, she spread out her money into various bank accounts and found investments to grow them.

This plan appears to have worked.

In August 2023, the young star announced the opening of her very own coffee shop called “SOC: Stream of Consciousness” in San Juan, La Union.

It’s located in the Port San Juan food market area.

Who is Maris Racal? Actress, Singer, and Business Owner
Image credit: Maris Racal

This spot can be a good place to visit for coffee, some delicious food (based on customer reviews), and a chance to meet (if you’re lucky) Maris, her boyfriend OPM icon Rico Blanco, or other local stars.

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