Billy Crawford Says Coleen’s Budgeting Skills Helped Build Their Food Business, Casa Crawford

Your spouse’s support in achieving your business goals is significant to your success. Having a partner who is equally invested in the success of your business ensures that you are both working towards the same goal. Not only do spouses provide emotional support, but they can also provide insight, knowledge, and wise advice to help you come up with sound business decisions.

Billy Crawford Says Coleen's Budgeting Skills Helped Build Their Food Business, Casa Crawford
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Billy Crawford is grateful for his wife, Coleen, who has excellent budgeting skills and a strong financial mindset, which helped them find success in their food business, Casa Crawford.

In an interview with Pep, Billy revealed that Coleen balances and manages their household finances because she is more frugal with money. He said, “Mahilig ako sa toys. I’m an impulsive person; kaya pasalamat ako sa Diyos, kuripot ang asawa ko.” [I like toys so much, and I’m impulsive. So, thank God my wife is thrifty.]

“You need that balance in your life, e. And Coleen does that for me. She budgets things very, very well,” he added.

According to Billy, their goal as a couple is financial security, so they take their time when coming up with business ideas. Billy and Coleen wanted to serve Mexican dishes when they imagined Casa Crawford in 2021.

“Who doesn’t like having their favorite snacks and food available all the time?” Billy said in an article on GMA.

Like Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos’ Meat Up!, Casa Crawford collaborates with a cloud kitchen, Cloud Eats. Partnering with a cloud kitchen allows budding entrepreneurs to start a food business even without a physical kitchen of their own. The orders are prepared by your brand’s designated cloud kitchen staff, and they are delivered to customers.

Your favorite Mexican dishes, including birria quesadillas, traditional nachos, barbacoa rice bowls, and more, can be ordered from Casa Crawford and delivered right to your door.

Coleen said that they aim for quality, affordability, and convenience in their food offerings. She said, “We aim to offer food that is both good and reasonably-priced, and can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. We want to give our customers just what they need and crave without them having to step out of their houses.”

Food businesses are a popular choice for celebrity entrepreneurs. Marvin Agustin, Maricar Reyes, and many others have found success in the food business. It’s a great way to share your favorite foods with others while also making money.

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