Why Owner Of ‘Bodega’ Business With Affordable Groceries Doesn’t Mind Small Profits: “Kahit Sobrang Maliit Na Tubo Lang”

Former Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) shared how they started the now popular ‘Bodega ni Tatay’ in Muntinlupa City.

Why Owner Of 'Bodega' Business With Affordable Groceries Doesn't Mind Small Profits: "Kahit Sobrang Maliit Na Tubo Lang"
Screengrab: Tito Shernan’s Youtube channel

True to its name, ‘Bodega ni Tatay’ is a huge warehouse where you can see a wide range of grocery items. But unlike other grocery stores, their items are affordable or what they described as “bagsak presyo.” It’s ideal for store owners who are looking for supplies, and also for families trying to make the most of their budget. One of their popular store features is their “P20 de lata,” where you can choose any canned good for the price of twenty pesos.

The owner who prefers to be called “Tatay” said that their inspiration for starting their ‘Bodega’ grocery is to help those who are looking for affordable grocery items. He shared that during the pandemic, he noticed many were affected and struggling financially. He thought of making a store inspired by the community pantry to offer goods that any struggling Pinoy could afford.

“Nagsimula ang Bodega ni Tatay noong panahon ng pandemiya. Ang naging idea ko para mabuo ang bodegang ito ay yung community pantry na ginawa ng mga lokal na pamahalaan. Hindi ko alam kung paano ako makatulong sa mga kababayan nating naghihirap noong mga panahon na iyon,” Tatay said on the vlog of Tito Shernan on Youtube.

“Kaya naisip kong magtayo ng isang tindahan na abot kaya ang presyo. Para makatulong rin sa mga kababayan natin kinakapos sa pang araw-araw na pangangailangan,” he added.

According to Tatay, he and his partner were OFWs for 20 years. They wanted to venture into a business that can help other people. When they started, he contacted all those who offered him cheap items such as shampoo, soaps, etc. and sold them at a very affordable price.

“Kahit sobrang maliit na tubo lang basta makakatulong pa din kami. Pinilahan po sya ng mga tao unti unti hindi po libre pero sobrang mura,” Tatay shared with Kami.PH.

Soon, their small store grew into a big grocery. There are being visited by customers even those from far places and provinces. They became suppliers of several stores and even offered an online delivery service.

Looking back, Tatay said their success is fueled by their desire to help other people. He said there’s also no perfect timing when it comes to starting a business. What’s important is your perseverance and determination. He said, “Wala talagang imposible sa mga pangarap lalo na kung mabuti ang iyong intenyon sa mga tao. Wala din sa panahon kung kailan ka magsisimula ang mahalaga yung lakas ng loob at tiwala lang sa sarili. Salamat po at sana’y may natutunan kayo sa aking kwento.”

While the pandemic has tested all of us, there were also those who found their luck during the challenging times. Like Tatay, there are many entrepreneurs who found success during the time of the pandemic. To know their stories, you can read the secrets of the ‘pandemic millionaires.’

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  1. Baka po pwedeng mai-share ni Tatay kung kanino pwede kumuha ng murang goods and we will replicate his project here in Occ.Mindoro province. kOOPERATIBA po kami na engaged din sa Consumer Store.

  2. Pinagpapala ang taos pusong tumutulong sa kanyang kapwa. Alam ni Tatay yan dahil suki ang mga anak ko bumuli a Bodega ni Tatay. Walang kitang material o pera kundi
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