8 Business Tips from National Bookstore’s Socorro Ramos

Socorro Ramos, fondly called as ‘Nanay Coring’ by her family and long-time employees, built the iconic National Bookstore from scratch along with her husband, Jose Ramos. They faced so many trials, especially at the start of their business venture but they never gave up.

It was a good thing that the couple persevered because they were able to grow the business from a small business stall in Ermita to the Philippines’ largest bookstore and school supplies chain.

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Because they started from scratch and were able to overcome a lot of challenges, the Ramos couple behind the National Bookstore are truly a pillar of success and inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Here are some useful business tips from National Bookstore’s Socorro Ramos:

1. Determine what you want to do and believe in yourself.

According to Nanay Coring, you can dream of becoming a business or being a salesman or just about anything you like. But whatever you choose, be the best you could possibly be in that profession you picked.

2. The customer is important.

Many would say that the customer isn’t always right. While that’s true, of course, Nanay Coring wants you to focus on your customer. Always be humble and try to make your customers feel that they are important. This also means that you have to determine what they want so you can sell it to them.

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3. Work very hard.

Nanay Coring points out that there is no elevator to success. You have to work really hard if you want to achieve your dreams.

4. Never be late.

A lot of Filipinos live by the ‘Filipino time’ but for Nanay Coring, that’s a big no-no! Always be on time.

5. Live simply and save up.

Many businesses fail because the owners quickly upgrade their lifestyle. Instead of doing that, use the money your earned to grow your business some more.

6. Love what you do.

Everything will always be hard work if you hate what you do but work will be something you enjoy doing if you change your attitude.

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7. Don’t give up.

Things were so difficult when the Ramos couple started out, but they are where they are now because they refused to quit.

8. Invest in your mind.

There are many ways to improve your life and your business. Reading is one of the top sources of knowledge. Nanay Coring recommends buying lots of books – and reading them, of course!

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