Conscious Collective Manila Let’s You Have Your Bread and Help Farmers, Too

Conscious Collective Manila is a bread distributor that aims, not only to bring us sustainably-grown food products but to also help uplift the quality of lives of the country’s farmers.

“We believe sustainability should be a way of life,” says Guada Reyes of Conscious Collective MNL.

Guada shares how Conscious Collective Manila started.

“It is a passion project born out of pure love for everything good and healthy. It originally stemmed from a shared love for my uncle’s products which includes spices and leafy greens. Many agreed with us that his products were of the highest quality. His cause for wanting to help farmers also served as an inspiration,” Guada says.

She added that apart from growing his own spices and greens, it became his uncle’s advocacy to uplift lives by training local farmers on sustainable, advanced farming methods and making sure that they yielded the best results out of every harvest and profited fairly from their produce.

The challenges of the pandemic?

Guada said the pandemic gave them more drive to help sustain the livelihood of partner farmers and small community businesses.

“When buying their commodities, you are not just buying healthy products, you are helping sustain the livelihood of our partner farmers, their families, and small community businesses, as well,” Guada stated.

What makes their bread stand out among the competition is the brand’s transparency.

“As consumers ourselves, we are conscious of what’s in our food and opt for healthier choices. We hope to raise awareness about the benefits of natural food and ingredients –to help people be more conscious about what they eat and drink. After all, we believe that eating well is key to looking and feeling good,” Guada said.

They also believe in being conscious about how the vegetables were grown and how the spices were produced—no fungicides, pesticides, or herbicides!

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