Couple Who Closed Events Company Due To Pandemic, Found Success In Bang Bang Bangus

They often say that when one door closes, another one opens. A couple who was forced to close their events company due to the pandemic found their luck when they started Bang Bang Bangus.

Couple Who Closed Events Company Due To Pandemic, Found Success In Bang Bang Bangus
Images by Mike Canlas via Facebook

Mike and Lucci Canlas once had an event and video production company before the pandemic. As lockdowns and events were cancelled, they found themselves venturing something out of their comfort zones. The idea of a special crispy Bangus came when they were eating Bangus in a restaurant. They thought of recreating the crispy fish with special flavors and presenting it in a pizza box.

Mike said it was a “fight of a lifetime” when they opened their first Bang Bangus store on June 7, 2020. While they were confident with their product, there was fear because it was still in the middle of the pandemic.

“We knew that we were going to offer something new to the consumers. But we also knew that there would be tough times ahead. And though it was a scary move—to open a new brand when many businesses were closing down—we had to be confident with this very simple concept that God has entrusted to us,” Mike shared their humble beginnings on their website.

Since then, Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus has reached more than 50 branches. And they are nowhere near stopping!

In Francorp’s Franchise Your Business webinar, Lucci shared some of their business learning and keys to success.

According to Lucci, it was essential to be consistent when it comes to branding. Since she and Mike were video producers, they used their expertise in creating appealing videos and marketing materials. They were determined to make Bang Bang Bangus a recognizable brand.

Lucci was quoted in a report by Francorp saying, “I wanted the people to see and recognize Bang Bang at a glance, so I chose the most attractive colors and readable fonts, and I incorporated it with unique and appealing elements, including Baybayin text and originally designed patterns.”

You also have to consider if your brand is ready for franchising. Before you open it for franchisees, you must be ready as it poses different challenges than managing your own business alone.

Lucci said, “Being in business is entirely different from being in franchising. You have a franchise network to take care of. Your franchisees rely on you as the franchisor. Therefore, you must be ready to support them.”

In the end, the successful entrepreneurs said that “experience” is still the best teacher. Don’t be scared to learn along the way; learn from the experts as much as you can.

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