Lumpia-nalo! Entrepreneur Shares How His Lumpia Boxes Business Earns P25K to P75K A Month

Lumpia is life! Whether it’s a birthday party, a fiesta celebration, a wedding, or a simple meal at home, lumpia is truly Pinoys’ favorite. You can enjoy it as a snack or a viand, with veggies or as shanghai, share it with your friends, or keep it all to yourself. You can never go wrong with lumpia!

Lumpia-nalo! Entrepreneur Shares How His Lumpia Boxes Business Earns P25K to P75K A Month
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This is the inspiration behind the hit lumpia boxes of Lumpiarito Station by Sherwin Lim. According to Sherwin, he started his lumpia stalls inside malls in 2017. He noticed that his profits were a bit low because people often buy per piece.

“Back then, mahahaba yung lumpia namin, a total of 15 inches long. Ang ginagawa namin, pinuputol namin siya into small pieces. Para pagka-prito, makain na siya agad ng customer,” Sherwin shared on GMA’s Pera Paraan.

The pandemic became a blessing in disguise for Sherwin. As he closed down his physical stores and moved to an online business, he was able to cut down on his overhead costs. He recalled that he started his physical stores with P500,000 as capital. But when they shifted to online business, they were able to significantly cut down their operational costs, which resulted in more savings and profit.

“Pagdating ng pandemic, we needed to diversify right away to online business. When we pushed to online business, nawalan kami ng expenses for rent, other expenses for utilities,” he recalled.

As part of innovating his products, Sherwin shied away from his 15-inch lumpia and moved to a 2-inch lumpia and sold them in boxes of 20s or more. His innovation worked! He is proud and grateful that they are now earning P25,000 to P75,000 monthly.

Lumpiarito Station now offers 8 delicious flavors like cheesy beef dynamite, duck patotim, signature pork, chicken adobo, and more.

Lumpia-nalo! Entrepreneur Shares How His Lumpia Boxes Business Earns P25K to P75K A Month
Image by Pera Paraan via Facebook

If you’re a fan of lumpia, you have more reasons to jumpstart your lumpia business. Earlier, a viral post of a netizen shared that a lumpia vendor’s daily earnings, almost made him want to shift careers. The netizen estimated that the vendor earns a gross income of Php4,000 per day!

How To Make 6-Veggie Togue Lumpia

First, saute the garlic and onion in oil. Add in the julienned kamote or sweet potato, potato, carrots, squash, and cabbage. Stir fry and avoid overcooking the veggies. Add in the togue. Once cook, set aside to cool before wrapping them in lumpia wrapper.

Start wrapping the veggies to make 2-inches lumpia. To seal the wrapper, use cornstarch and water paste. Once your lumpia are ready, start deep frying them in hot oil. The suggested oil temperature is around 360 degrees Celcius. Start by putting the oil on high fire and lowering it to medium to low once it becomes too hot.

Fry the lumpia for 15 minutes. To keep the crispiness of the lumpia, don’t keep it in an enclosed container. It’s best to aerate it or put it in an open-air, so it doesn’t keep in moisture that results in sogginess. Serve and enjoy with your favorite sauce!

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