Flight Attendant Earns a Living Through Selling Avocados Online

A lot of people have been experiencing anxiety and sadness since the coronavirus pandemic stripped them of their means of living. However, there are those who did not let these emotions get the best of them. Some stood up and found a way to survive amidst the hopelessness.

Take the case of flight attendant Em Enrique. She was among the thousands of workers from the airline industry whose source of living was badly affected because of the pandemic.


Image: Facebook/Em Em Em

Em said that she has been in this line of work for five years already. The girl lost her identity when she can no longer go on flights. She got too much detached from her reality.

Em was able to save from her earnings as a flight attendant. She used these savings for her mother’s operation.

Without any money and unsure of the future, anxiety loomed over her.

Bouncing back

As a person not easily giving in to defeat, Em thought of how she can improve her situation. She started selling fruits and vegetables online.

“I took it as an opportunity to rest, pero sabi ko, I have to do something to preserve my mental health. I have to keep myself busy,” she said.

At the moment, she is more focused on selling avocado since the demand is high, nowadays. Em, together with her mother, personally delivers the fruit to their clients.


Image: Facebook/Em Em Em

In a matter of two days since she started selling online, she was able to sell 80 to 100 kilos of avocado. Though her earnings are smaller compared to what she previously receives as a flight attendant, what matters is that she was able to support her family’s daily needs.

She has one piece of advice to those who lost their job, just like her.

“Hindi tayo mag-e-end doon sa regular job natin. We can stretch our potential, we can push ourselves,” she said. “Yung hindi natin alam na kaya pala natin gawin, magagawa natin dahil sa pandemic na ito. So take that as an opportunity to improve ourselves”.

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