Former Cruise Ship Crew Lost Job; Launches Dessert Business

When she first heard about the pandemic, former cruise ship crew Analyn ‘Ann’ Dulay, she did not expect it to be serious as it is.

“I thought it was just an ordinary virus na mawawala rin after a few days,” the 32-year-old overseas Filipino worker said.

However, things turned out to be opposite with what she expected. Worse, she lost her job at the cruise ship and they were told that they must go home. She cried, as she was deeply hurt.

Ann Sweet Co

Image: Facebook/Ann Sweet Co.

“Kasi naisip ko agad, paano na ang pangarap ko? Paano ko masu-sustain ang needs ng family ko if walang regular income?” Ann shared.

Back on her feet

She did not linger much on her misfortune. Using her knowledge, skills, and experiences she gained on board, she launched her own business, Ann Sweet Co. “It’s like working, but now I’m working for myself,” she said.

With its range of affordable products, Ann’s business gradually gained customers online. She started offering desserts around late May, when the community quarantine restrictions shifted to general community quarantine. Back then, she was just earning around P3,000 to P5,000. Currently, she is already earning above P10,000.

As an experienced baker who was able to turn her hobby into a source of livelihood, Ann willingly gives advice to all aspiring entrepreneurs.

First, she recommends having only a number of items to offer.

Ann Sweet Co

Image: Facebook/Ann Sweet Co

“Huwag marami agad at paiba-iba ang products. Focus muna sa few items to master the recipe. Over time, you play around with the recipe to add variations, and eventually, add more products,” Ann said.

Another nugget of wisdom she shared is to always maintain the quality of the ingredients.

“Our products reflect our service. We introduce ourselves to clients through our products. Marami nang online sellers, marami nang bakers. And it’s really hard to stand out. But with unique and quality products, makikilala ka rin and babalik-balikan ng clients,” she added.


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