Four Sisters Turn Their Morning Habit into a Business

It all started as a random idea of one sister while the four of them are having their morning coffee. That time, they were reminiscing about the good coffees from café’s which had to close down because of the lockdown.

On April, sisters Alyssa, Alexa, Karlie, and Hana came up with the concept of an online-based coffee shop. They were able to launch their business in July which they called Morning Habit.

The sisters divided the business-related tasks based on their individual skills and strengths. Alyssa handles vendor relations and business development while Alexa takes charge of sales and public relations. On the other hand, production and logistics are assigned to Karlie while Hana leads marketing and finances.

Morning Habit

Image: Facebook/Morning Habit

They were very meticulous in sourcing quality products, as they wanted to offer the best home-brewed coffee. The sisters were very particular that their coffee tastes as if it came from a coffee shop. According to them, they tried and tested a lot of products from different suppliers before they were able to choose the one that matched their taste preferences and vision.

For their cold brews, they offer classics such as Americano and Latte. Customers loved their Spanish Latte along with their No. 10 and No. 20 coffee beans, which they grind as per customer request.

Morning Habit

Image: Facebook/Morning Habit

When they were starting the business, they have encountered a lot of mistakes—from producing orders too early, brewing the wrong drink, and forgetting to ask for the customer’s payment. The sisters considered them a learning curve.

They also embrace the friendly competition posed by new coffee brands that pop up on a weekly basis. It motivates them to innovate their brand further.

Advice to other entrepreneurs

From the lessons they have learned while they were starting, they have this piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs—grind until you achieve success and when you do, grind further.

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