From Acne Problems to a Beauty Business: The Diwatang Maria Journey

As a child, Diwatang Maria owner and founder Maria Concepcion Macalintal had skin issues that caused other kids to tease her.

While she was growing up, her mother took her to specialists. But when she started working in the corporate world, she tried different types of soaps and spent money on beauty products.

Fast forward to her academic stint in Milan when she got interested in attending international expositions and events in Europe. She noticed that the Philippines was oftentimes not represented or recognized while other Asian countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore had their own contingents.

Diwatang Maria

Image: Facebook/Diwatang Maria

It was then she decided that she will create something representing Filipino craftsmanship and ingenuity.

“In coming out with my own products, I wanted to make sure that it will address the needs of Pinoys when it comes to skincare. In doing so, the products should be giving solutions to skin problems that are unique to Asian skin, especially the Filipinos,” she said.

Love of country and love of skin

Macalintal spent long hours to develop the products that she had in mind. She wanted to promote organic skincare while fostering nationalism, at the same time.

She formed a team of researchers, craftsmen, and a chemist to help formulate the product.

“It took us at least nine months in the planning, research, and testing before we came to perfection. We were determined to make our brand 100 percent pure, sincere, competitive, and reliable,” said Macalintal.

Diwatang Maria

Image: Facebook/Diwatang Maria

On September 10, 2018, they launched the Diwatang Maria organic soaps in three variants—Sinukuan, Makiling, and Cacao which they distributed through online selling.

“Each variant is a declaration of Pinoy’s ingenuity. We want to promote the stories of diwatas, the stories that made our childhood memorable because of the stories of love, bravery, and compassion that embody the diwatas,” she added.

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