Gretchen Barretto’s Daughter, Dominique, Co-Owns E-Commerce Beauty & Self-Care Shop

Dominique Conjuangco, the daughter of Gretchen Barretto and businessman Tonyboy Cojuangco, has co-founded an e-commerce beauty shop named “The Collective.”

Gretchen Barretto's Daughter, Dominique, Co-Owns E-Commerce Beauty & Self-Care Shop
Image by The Collective via Instagram

The Collective works as an online beauty marketplace or platform where they curate some of the best beauty and self-care products. Dominique co-owns her brand with her then-fiance, now husband, Michael Hearn.

In an interview on Mega, Dominique explained that her business was inspired by her love for skincare and how much she enjoyed recommending products to her friends.

According to Dominique, they wanted their company to curate products that reflected their values. She believes that when we buy a product, we should look beyond brand marketing and consider what the company stands for. She explained that when we support products, we are also supporting the brand’s ideals, values, and vision.

“So many websites and distributors sell products with brand names and buzzwords to front their marketing. I was working in e-commerce, with a background in merchandising and marketing, and couldn’t find a platform in the Philippines that curated with efficacy and values. Michael and I wanted to change this,” she said.

In an interview with Tatler, Dominique explains the process of creating and managing a beauty and self-care e-commerce store. She said it’s more than just choosing the best products; they also research the company and work closely with the makers. Dominique said that the process of selecting products to include in their platform is a rigorous and data-oriented process.

Like one of the tips in finding out if you have a great business idea, Dominique started by identifying the need and researching different brands that answered the problem.

Then, they went into creating their product line and checking if the brand claims were true. Most importantly, when starting a beauty and skincare business in the Philippines, they want to ensure the products they sell are safe to use. Dominique is proud that the products they have selected are Philippine FDA-certified. She said their company has a full-time regulatory officer who reviews each ingredient thoroughly.

Dominique said, “We don’t sell any whitening products or anything that may potentially be harmful, and we work hard to ensure our entire storefront is 100% FDA-approved.”

“This is a process we take seriously that some other platforms do not comply with. All products sold on The Collective have FDA approval in multiple countries, ensuring quality and safety,” she added.

Like Dominique, it’s always a good idea to choose a business that’s close to your heart, so you don’t feel like you’re working at all. Good luck!

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