How To Make Trending Biko Balls That Can Earn P30K A Month

Pinoy kakanins are great business ideas, especially when you give them a twist. The Pinoy favorite biko, or glutinous rice cake, just had a little makeover as many customers now enjoy it as biko balls.

How To Make Trending Biko Balls That Can Earn P30K A Month
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Biko just got even better because of biko balls. You get to savor the sweet, sticky treat with several unique fillings in bite-sized portions. Jesusa Calvero or “Mama Nhors” of Mama Nhors’ Biko Latik at Atbp shared their business’ inspiring story and even the recipe for their bestseller.

According to Mama Nhors, she came up with innovative ideas to upgrade the biko because they wanted to introduce this Pinoy kakanin to the youth. She realized many kids and teens today are no longer interested in eating kakanin.

“Kaya kami nakaisip ng mga twist-twist na ganyan kasi nakakalimut na yung karamihang kabataan. Matikman naman nila ito muli,” Mama Nhors said on Pera Paraan.

They started with P1,000 capital during the height of the pandemic in 2020. Now, they are earning P20,000 to P30,000 monthly. They also have their own commissary where they hired family and friends to help them prepare their biko balls.

Mama Nhors shared that she’s thankful that her children are creative and they came up with these innovative ideas for biko. Now, they offer biko balls in different variants. They have sweet langka biko balls with toasted coconuts, peanut butter biko balls, ube de leche graham biko balls, and their bestseller, ube de leche cheese biko balls. For more variations, they also offer biko sticks which you can dip in their homemade sauces like cream cheese and salted caramel.

How To Make Trending Biko Balls That Can Earn P30K A Month
Image by Pera Paraan via Facebook

You can try to find ways to level up your favorite kanin. Who knows, your idea could be the next big thing in the market! For instance, a couple is earning P100k a month selling their version of ube halaya. Meanwhile, puto calasiao is also making waves as a business idea earning P100,000 a week.

How to Make Mama Nhors’ Ube De Leche Cheese Biko Balls

In a sauce pan, simmer coconut milk, sugar, and ube flavoring. Stir it continuously for 15 minutes or until it thickens. Once ready, you can add in the cooked glutinous rice or malagkit to the ube mixture.
Continue to mix the rice and the ube latik until it’s well incorporated.

Then, set aside to cool before you start forming biko balls. Once it’s cool and ready, use molder to form bite-sized biko balls. In the middle, place leche flan as filling. Roll the biko balls in grated cheese. Ready to serve!

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