Isaw Business of a Former Travel Agency Owner Provide Jobs to Tricycle Drivers and Housewives

She was only 19 years old when she put up her own travel agency, Access Travel. For ten years since then, Angely Dub has been to at least 100 countries so she can experience firsthand what it’s like to be in such a place and recommend the best destinations.

But, when the pandemic hits, her business has to be on hold. She was able to use this break to do something meaningful for her local community.

“I used this opportunity to create a new business, which is Bulilit Kitchen,” she shares. Through her new business, Angely sells Filipino comfort foods and street foods online such as ‘isaw’ and ‘betamax’.

From travel to food

According to her, at first, Bulilit Kitchen was just for fun—she was just making a joke of herself. She does not know how to cook and people were making fun of her that she is now selling isaw for business. However, her business instinct took over.

“I’m connecting everything na we see sa tabi-tabi lang sa upscale na market,” Angely explains.

She is very hands-on with her business. For instance, she personally handles the orders—talking to the customers and responding to queries.

“We are very grateful and overwhelmed with the support we got,” Angely said. With just two months in business, she is already grateful that she found a new purpose through Bulilit Kitchen.

“It makes me happy to see people happy. With Access Travel, I can only make, let say, 10 people happy per month. Ngayon, 10 people per hour. So, would you imagine?”, she said.

Angely also said that she does not make as much as she used to with Access Travel, but it is not about the money anymore.

“Bulilit Kitchen is about other people—the people in our community that I am helping kasi now they all have a job,” Angely explains.

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