Jodi Sta. Maria Ventures into the Health and Wellness Industry

As an actress, Jodi Sta. Maria is known for taking on different roles that have left a mark. Now that her life goals have changed, she is trying her hand on a new project—something that will make a difference in the lives of other people.

Together with her businessmen friends, Jodi launched HealthyFix Store Co., a wellness dealership solution.

During the online conference for the company held last October 12, the actress-entrepreneur said that she came to a realization that, at the end of the day, it is no longer about what she wants to achieve in life. “Coming to that realization that is more to life than just me, or my life revolving around myself,” she says.

HealthyFix Store

Image: Facebook/HealthyFix Store

“How can I make life better for those who want to make their lives better? At the end of the day, [it] is really about whether you have made a difference in the life of one person. And you do for one what you cannot do for all,” Jodi adds.

A health buff

While thinking of a good product to start with, Jodi, a known health buff, called on her friends, who are also experts in health and wellness.

“So, I tapped into my partners Nino (Bautista) and Red (Gatus), and then the rest is history,” Jodi says.

Based on 15 years of industry experience and knowledge, HealthyFix Store is a large natural health supplement and specialist food and cosmetics manufacturer.

The company offers vitamin supplements and other health and wellness products that interested distributors can market.

HealthyFix Store

Image: Facebook/HealthyFix Store

She admits that as a neophyte in this kind of business and she still has a lot to learn.

“I am excited, I am happy for this new venture. I am a sucker for learning new things. This is actually good for me. It is enriching me as a person,” she explains.

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