Low-Budget ‘Rakets’ Help Filipinos Survive the Pandemic

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the country, many Filipino workers lost their jobs, temporarily or permanently. As a measure to contain the spread of the virus, community quarantines took effect. People were not allowed to leave the premises of their homes and non-essential establishments were closed. With no earnings, businesses had to shut down operations and lay-off their workers.

But the Filipino’s resiliency prevailed. Some enterprising Pinoys were able to think of a business that will enable them to earn without the need to get out of their houses.

From workers to entrepreneurs

Take the case of professional make-up artist RIcee Agripalo. She used to have a calendar full of booking for wedding and pre-nuptial events, but these events have to canceled or moved to a later date because of the lockdown. Even her partner, who is working as part of the photo and video industry, was also affected.

To support her two children., Ricee turned to her other passion. She joined the sushi bake craze, selling a tub online at P120.  In a week, Ricee is able to sell up to 45 tubs.

Tasty Sushi PH

Image: Facebook/Tasty Sushi PH

She thought of embarking in this business since they have to do something, financially, or they run the risk of draining their savings. It also helped that she loves cooking, as well.

Meanwhile, Chef and culinary instructor Michael John Nicasio saw the potential of selling plants when condominium owners had no choice but to stay inside their homes during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) period.

Let's Make Tanim

Image: Facebook/Let’s Make Tanim

According to him, since everyone is at home during the quarantine and most are living in condos in Manila, he wants them to have a relaxing sight inside their homes.

He added that indoor plants enhance well-being and mental, aside from the health benefits it provides.

Registration of online sellers

Small businesses that only earn below P250,000 annually are exempt from paying taxes. However, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) encourages owners of online businesses to register.


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