Mom With No Background In Baking Finds Sweet Success In Premium Chocolates Business

When they say Mom can do it all, it must really be true! A mother from Baguio City who takes care of her children, manages her online job, and has no background in cooking or baking was able to build a successful premium chocolate company.

Mom With No Background In Baking Finds Sweet Success In Premium Chocolates Business
Image by Ricci Chocolates and Michiko Liquete via Facebook

Michiko Liquete built her premium crafted chocolate company, Ricci Chocolates, out of pure passion. In an article by Janelle Lorzano via Philstar, she shared how she wanted to create chocolates that were exquisite and opulent-looking. This was a good key to building a food business. As Maricar Reyes advised, it’s very important to come up with a very good signature product. Your product will make a statement on its own.

“Hindi naman talaga ako mahilig sa chocolate. Mahilig ako sa dessert, oo. Pero sa chocolates, hindi talaga. Tas wala rin akong formal background in making dessert[s]. Hindi nga ako mahilig magluto eh. ‘Yung vision ko talaga do’n sa brand is pagmukhain siyang as if hindi siya homemade. No’ng ginawa namin ‘yon, parang nagtiwala nalang ako sa sarili kong kaya ko talaga,” Michiko shared.

While she went through trial and error perfecting her craft, Michiko also had some formal help. In September 2022, she and other Baguio entrepreneurs underwent the Department of Trade and Industry’s free online training program Kapatid Mentor ME (KMME). She learned about branding, marketing, and more. She said it was very helpful to continue learning even if your business is already doing well.

“She added: “Napakalaking tulong po ito ng DTI, for start-up businesses like us, kasi we treat it, this brand like parang anak po namin, so yung guidance ng KMM, malaking tulong po sa main,” Michiko shared in an article on RNG Luzon.

Ricci Chocolates is dubbed the “Home of The Best Tasting Truffles in Baguio City.” Their premium chocolates are
100% Handmade, 100% Premium and 100% locally made in Baguio City.

Michiko and Ricchi Chocolates have gone a long way! From being excited with 20 to 30 boxes a day, they now have a commissary to serve the influx of orders. They can sell over 2,000 to 3,000 items every week. They have expanded their business to have more than 100 resellers and distributors all over the Philippines. Plus, they have four stalls in malls in Luzon. Michiko said they even reached their first million in just a year.

She said, “Sa Ricci po talaga, one year palang kami, we were millionaires na at that time eh. Gano’n siya kabilis.”
And they’re nowhere near stopping as Michiko visions having Ricci Chocolates available in every mall. What a sweet success indeed!

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