Neil Ryan Sese Admits Crying Over The Difficulty Of Managing A Seafood Business

Neil Ryan Sese admitted that managing a seafood business cost him sleepless nights and many tears.

Opening a business is difficult, but managing one is also a much harder ordeal. Many entrepreneurs can relate to the experience of Neil Ryan when he admitted the difficulties he went through managing his seafood business.

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On GMA’s “Mars Pa More,” Neil Ryan shared that one of his friends encouraged him to venture into a seafood business. He was at first doubtful because he had no experience. When the pandemic happened and there were few job opportunities, he took a risk and started it.

But eventhough he knew someone who’s familiar in the seafood business, it didn’t make managing it easy. He admitted that while he enjoyed seafood, he wasn’t prepared to get into business.

“Ang hirap ng negosyong seafood. Mahilig lang ako sa seafood pero wala akong alam sa business side,” Neil Ryan said.

For the first few weeks, Neil Ryan would cry at night because it was so difficult. Getting into the food business was really not for the weak of heart.

“Nung nag-start na yung business, grabe ang hirap talaga, nalula ako. First three weeks ko, umiiyak ako gabi-gabi,” he added.

Neil Ryan said his friends would make fun of him for helping deliver seafood to their customers.

“May kasama pa, yung mga kaibigan mo pinagtatawan ka. Na parang, ‘Artista ka tapos ngayon nagbebenta ka ng seafood, nagdedeliver ka pa,” he said.

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“Alam ko naman nung una na joke din lang naman sa kanila ‘yon pero nung sensitive ako. Halimbawa kung napagkuwentuhan namin nung regular inuman, tatawanan ko ‘yan,” Neil Ryan shared.

Eventually, his seafood business took off and he couldn’t be any happier. The actor revealed that social media also helped a lot in the promotion and marketing of his business.

Neil Ryan gave a reminder to all aspiring businessmen that the road will not be easy but it will be worth it. He said it’s important to be hardworking and determined if you want to succeed.

“Sa una lang mahirap ang lahat ng bagay.  kung may tiyaga may nilaga, totoo,” he said.

Neil Ryan’s story is another example of how important it is to learn the business first before venturing into it. He’s also a reminder that if you want to succeed in business, you shouldn’t be ashamed to get down and dirty.

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