Popburri Stops Operations to Convert Restaurant into Homeless Shelter Amid Lockdown

Homeless people and those without jobs or contractual and job orders are among the heaviest affected by the lockdown being implemented in Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon. The homeless can’t scavenge for food but don’t even have any money to buy the next meal, let alone stock up on food and supplies.

From Restaurant to Homeless Shelter

Photo credit: Popburri / Facebook

And while they can’t cater to everyone’s needs, a restaurant in Quezon City is going viral for temporarily stopping its operations to convert the restaurant into a homeless shelter amid the lockdown. Popburri earned praise for its decision to stop selling food to their regular customers for a while, until the lockdown ends on April 12, anyway.

Instead of preparing meals for their customers, the shop’s kitchen will remain in operation but to prepare food for the homeless who will be taking shelter at their facility.

Photo credit: Popburri / Facebook

“…we have transformed our store into a homeless shelter. Thank you for your patience as we will no longer be selling food. The shelter will be open daily from 6pm-6am every evening until April 12.

Dinner will be served at 6:30pm, and we will do our best to handle medical needs with the support of our East Kamias Barangay teams,” Popburri announced on its Facebook page.

Homeless, Volunteers Welcome

Photo credit: Popburri / Facebook

Homeless people are welcomed into the restaurant-turned-shelter – to sleep there from 6PM to 6AM. Meals will also be served – isn’t that wonderful? Volunteers are also welcome to bring food, help prepare and serve, or to provide things that the homeless people might need during these difficult times.

You are welcome to serve and bring food for our community during this time, or bring an old mattress, pillow, or bedsheet which we really need. (PPE equipment is very limited so kindly bring your own mask.) We may be small, but we serve a BIG God…let’s be instruments for Him together!” Popburri added.

What is Popburri?

Photo credit: Popburri / Facebook

Popburri is a small restaurant that sells popsicles, pandesal, chicken salad pandesal, rice meals, coffee, hot chocolate, and smoked meats from its address in 67 K-8th street East Kamias, Quezon City, Philippines. The restaurant is usually open from 5AM to 9AM but amid the lockdown, they closed their doors to paying customers, choosing instead to serve the homeless by providing them food and shelter.

Joy Adalia
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