Skincare Products CEO Rosmar Tan Blasts Bashers, Says She’s A Medtech Graduate With Excellent Grades

In the Philippines, it’s unfortunate but not uncommon for entrepreneurs of different brands to defend themselves against bashers and haters online. Sometimes, bashers hate their products, while some go beyond the brand and target the personal lives of business owners. Some entrepreneurs take the high road and brush those comments aside. Meanwhile, there are those who will not back down and defend themselves against bashers and haters.

Skincare Products CEO Rosmar Tan Blasts Bashers, Says She’s A Medtech Graduate With Excellent Grades
Image by Rosmar Tan Pamulaklakin via Facebook

Take Rosmar Tan Pamulaklakin, who has been a target of many bashing for being a content creator and a successful owner of her own brand of beauty and skincare products. She admits that she’s often made fun of on social media for her TikTok contents and posts, even though she’s a successful entrepreneur.

This time, Rosmar decided to take it upon herself to slam those bashers questioning her credibility as a beauty and skincare business owner. She showed that she knows the good and bad effects of the different active ingredients in skincare products. This is because she got her degree in Medical Technology from the Far Eastern University (FEU). She added that she even got excellent grades in Pharmacology and was part of the best section in her class.

She wrote on Facebook, “Never underestimate FEU MEDTECH GRADUATE, lalo na sa estudyanteng UNO sa PHARMACOLOGY subject at SECTION1 /PILOT SECTION.”

[Never underestimate an FEU Medtech graduate, especially one who got high grades in Pharmacology subject and part of section 1 or the pilot section.]

According to Rosmar, she will now change her image on social media and use her knowledge and expertise instead of being mocked online. She said it’s better to focus on the quality of their products, instead of dragging her down and hating on her personal life.

“Simula ngayon ibang Rosmar na ang mapapanuod nyo sa tiktuuuuk at socmed. Ang ROSMAR na ginamit ang PINAG-ARALAN, at hindi pang katatawanan. Focus tayo sa INGREDIENTS AWARENESS ng ROSMARS PR0DUCTS kung bakit ito safe sa inyong skin. Focus tayo sa REJUV SET NATIN!,” she wrote.

Despite facing bashers and trolls every day, Rosmar continues to soar in her business. She earlier revealed that she earned P8 million in just 4 hours of live selling. It just goes to show that words should not get in the way of your dream business!

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