The Age Of Concept Stores: What To Consider If You Want To Start One

The age of innovation and creativity has taken over the Philippines. The time when your only option of doing business is getting a franchise contract from the popular fast foods like McDonald’s and Jollibee are gone.

Concept stores have long been invading our lives. Especially in Maginhawa Street in Quezon City where the government does not allow popular franchises to be built there.

They want to preserve the street’s brand where it is lined with concept stores and amazing ideas from our very own entrepreneurs.

What is a concept store?

A concept store steps out of the traditional restaurants or stores that consist of just the booths and the counter. Concept stores boast of unique themes and inspirations that capture the customers’ attention.

Concept Jeep

Some of the most notable concept stores are the Friends themed restaurant, the jeepney food park, artsy cafes, café and bookstores with unique and antique feels, the gameboard cafes, etc.

What to consider if you want to start one.

If you want to start a concept store, you will need the following:

Unique selling point

What makes the people come back to the existing concept stores? It’s their unique selling point that has captured the attention of their customers. Think about what yours will be and work from there.

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Possibly the best place to start a concept store is in Maginhawa street in UP Village where people already go to when they are in search of new things to try. If you are going to start somewhere else, make sure you are ready to gain customers the old-fashioned way.

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Unlike the more popular restaurants that have money to advertise on TV and radio shows, concept stores have the added challenge to market their business more than the traditional “word-of-mouth” advertisement. Some of the things to consider when marketing concept stores are social media, bloggers, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Zomato and other review sites, and of course, TV or podcast guesting.

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