The Secret To How A Small Siomai Stall In Muñoz Sells 100 Kg Of Siomai Daily

Siomai may originally be Chinese food, but it has found its way into the Filipinos’ hearts. Pinoys love siomai so much that it has become a popular street food wherever you go. It’s so popular that a small stall in Muñoz selling siomai can sell an average of 80 kg to 100 kg of siomai in just a day!

But with so many siomai stores and stalls, why is the siomai stall in Muñoz so popular? What’s the secret behind this business’s success? Food and travel vlogger Manuel Olazo tried to discover the inside scoop behind this trending siomai business.

The Secret To How A Small Siomai Stall In Muñoz Sells 100 Kg Of Siomai Daily
Screengrab: Manuel Olazo via Youtube

This siomai stall, popularly known as “siomai sa Muñoz,” can be found near Walter Mart Munoz Project 7 Quezon City. It has grown so popular that it’s being visited by customers even from those from afar. It has also been the content of many food vloggers and has gone viral on social media.

In the video of Manuel on his YouTube channel, he tried this popular siomai to check if the hype is real. His verdict? The siomai is indeed worth it! According to Manuel, the siomai is made of pure meat and only costs P40 for 5 pieces.

In an interview, the stall owner shared that they have been operating since 2005, that’s 17 years! Their secret recipe for their popular siomai is actually from a relative of his grandfather. They just decided to improve it a bit to suit the tastes of their customers.

“Nagmula po ang recipe na ito sa kamag-anak pa ng lolo ko. Bale, pinagyaman na lang po namin yung recipe,” the owner said.

The Secret To How A Small Siomai Stall In Muñoz Sells 100 Kg Of Siomai Daily
Screengrab: Manuel Olazo via Youtube

The stall owner added that their peak hours usually start at 4:00 in the afternoon until night time. It’s the time when there’s a long queue for their delicious siomai. “Nakakaubos po kami ng 80 kg to 100 kg per day,” he added.

The key to their siomai’s success is not only the secret recipe but also how fresh it is. Unlike other siomai that are bought frozen and steamed daily, the siomai in Muñoz is prepared and cooked everyday.
“Matagal rin, sir. Usually nagsisimula ang preparation tuwing umaga para sariwa talaga,” the owner shared about their daily preparation of siomai.

Aside from the queue of customers in their stalls, they also have tons of customers via delivery service even during the pandemic.

How Did It Get So Popular?

The owner shared that despite selling for years, they only became trending when a customer posted about them on TikTok. Soon, their siomai became popular online and was featured on several food shows and websites. This made it possible for them to work with resellers.

“Talagang trending ito noong pandemic. Talaga naman na masarap ang siomai dito,” the food vlogger shared.

There have been many inspiring stories about how siomai is a hit business idea. For instance, a former ‘riles boy’ became a millionaire because of his siomai business. Another is the story of a homemade siomai business that earns P20,000 a day.

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