3 Business Lessons We Can Learn From The Famous Sotanghon Stall In Quiapo

If you’re around Quiapo and looking for a good food meal to eat, you definitely have to stop by this popular sotanghon stall owned by Aling Rosa.

3 Business Lessons We Can Learn From The Famous Sotanghon Stall In Quiapo
Screengrab: Manuel Olazo via Youtube

Known as the famous sotanghon in Quiapo, it’s a popular go-to meal because it’s affordable and filling. It has been featured on TV shows, and food vlogs, and flocked by many customers everyday. So, what’s the secret to this successful business venture? Let’s find out 3 business tips we can learn from Aling Rosa’s famous sotanghon stall.

1. Work On Your Best Selling Product

Aling Rosa started in 2003 by selling different kinds of food. She sold kakanin, spaghetti, macaroni, and others. Aling Rosa got her inspiration to sell sotanghon one rainy day.

“Kasi po umuulan ‘nun eh. Ang nangyari, parang gusto ko po magluto ng mainit na sabaw,” Aling Rosa shared on GMA’s Unang Hirit.

Her idea was a big hit. Since then, she worked on her secret recipe to make her famous sotanghon. Aling Rosa buys the best “Primera klase” sotanghon so it doesn’t easily absorb the soup and won’t turn soggy.

2. Find Ways To Keep Your Customers Satisfied

Whether you’re providing quality products or good quality service, try your very best to keep your customers satisfied. Aling Rosa’s stall in Quiapo may seem a bit small when it’s crowded. But what they lack in space, they may make up with their delicious sotanghon soup. Thus, customers still come back for more!

And as their business boomed, they opened a more comfortable restaurant in Carriedo Station. According to Aling Rosa’s son, their second branch is perfect for senior citizens because they can sit comfortably in their restaurant.

3. Don’t Compromise Quality For Popularity

According to Aling Rosa, her sotanghon business really grew when it started going trending and viral on social media. She said vloggers and content creators were the ones who dubbed her business “the famous sotanghon in Quiapo.”

But even if you’re business is already viral, you definitely have to live up to your reputation. Many business owners often feel that being popular is enough to make it big. That’s totally a big misconception especially if you want a long-lasting business. Don’t cut on quality once your business is doing good. Continue to provide the best quality of goods and service that your business became known for.

In a vlog by Manuel Olazo via his YouTube channel, he asked the customers if they think Aling Rosa’s sotanghon is overrated since it’s viral online. Many customers said the sotanghon is definitely worth the hype!

The marketplace is truly a perfect place to learn more about business. There’s the story of the Muslim vendors in Quiapo selling P10 pastil. Another inspiring story is how Nanay Bebe’s magic water helped her achieve her dream for her family.

You can watch the video of Manuel Olazo via his Youtube channel:

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