5 Low-Cost Small Food Cart Business Ideas You Can Easily Start

If you have a food business idea, you might want to start looking at building a food cart. Many business owners became millionaires thanks to their food carts. You can easily change your location, alter your menu to suit the tastes of the crowd, and frequently, you can operate without paying rent.

5 Low-Cost Small Food Cart Business Ideas You Can Easily Start
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Don’t let your budget deter you from starting your food business. Even with a small amount of money, you can still start a low-cost food cart business. To get started, we listed some of the best low-cost food cart business ideas you can start for less than P1,000

1. Fish balls

Fish balls, kikiam, tokneneng, and other fried street foods are in-demand snacks wherever you go. You can easily sell store-bought products in your food cart. But following the golden rule in business, you want to come up with something different that your customers will crave. So, it’s best to research online for homemade fishball recipes or best sauce recipes and experiment with which ones your customers love. A business owner earns P120,000 a month by selling her special fishball sauce. There’s so much potential in street foods!

2. Siomai

You might be surprised at how the humble siomai still continues to be a marketable product. A siomai stall in Munoz sells over 100 kg of siomai daily. That’s how powerful the humble siomai is! It’s also affordable to get started, especially if you get your meat from the market. You can also give your siomai a twist, like how a business offers flavored siomai.

3. ‘Samalamig’ or beverages

Samalamig or cold beverages are also a low-cost but profitable idea for your food cart business. You can get started with the basic flavors such as orange, pineapple, buko juice, iced tea, etc. But you can also expand your ‘samalamig’ business by researching interesting flavors such as magic water and more.

4. Ice Scramble

The popular cold treat of our childhood remains a low-cost but lucrative business idea. You can move your food cart outside schools, churches, or near subdivisions. This is a great idea because they don’t need many ingredients to get started. Plus, you can be creative and offer add-ons if you have an extra budget. An ice scramble business earns over P30,000 a month by offering huge cups that friends can share.

5. Sweet corn

Sweet corn is also an easy-to-start food business because you don’t need many ingredients. You can buy canned sweet corn, cheese powder, and some more add-ons to make it special, and viola! Research other ways you can creatively offer sweet corn and you’re good to go.

We hope our list gives you the inspiration to get started today. We picked items that were simple to make, didn’t require many ingredients, and were Pinoy favorites. So, get started, and good luck!

Sally Mae

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