5 Poverty To Wealth Tips From Philam Life CEO Ariel Cantos

Some people seem to have this notion that rich people and CEOs were always born rich. Some seem to think that the reason they are successful is that they were already rich in the first place.

That is not true with all CEO and company founders that are successful today. Most of them have gone through poverty before having enough determination and drive to be as successful as they are today.

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This is true for Philam Life Chief Executive Officer Ariel Cantos. Although he grew up knowing how to live a luxurious life because their family had a business, he said that it made everything harder when he witnessed how they lost everything.

“The business really went bad, it was kind of difficult at that time, before I graduated in elementary I saw the cars disappearing, I saw the swings, seesaw and slides are not there anymore,”

He told ANC’s On The Money that this was what woke him up, he knew that it couldn’t be this way forever, he knew it has to be better.

“I realized that life has to be better than this and I think that’s where my resolve became stronger, I’ve got to do something because this is not what life is all about,”

Like all other generous rich people we have here, Cantos was more than willing to give tips to those who want to succeed, from the lessons he learned while he was striving to succeed himself.

1. Be the master of your destiny

According to him, once you have accepted that you own your destiny, then you will start to take actions. This will start by determining your goals, taking the first step and remaining consistent.

“First you have to understand and really accept that you are the master of your own destiny, if you do not accept that nothing much will happen,”

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2. Health is wealth

He mentioned the research that only 2 out of 100 retirees are living comfortably. Most are left paying their medical bills instead of enjoying their hard-earned money. So he advises people to stay healthy and take care of their body so they can live longer.

“We’re not only educating you but we’re influencing you to do the right behavior,”

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3. Live within your means

He emphasized that it is better if people will start to stay within lifestyles that they can actually afford.

“Kasi mahirap talaga maging mahirap (It’s hard to be poor). If you experience that you will do your very best not to be in that same level again,”

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4. Save and invest

Like what any other experts say, Cantos also says that it is better if you save and invest. Do these two things simultaneously to ensure a better future.

“Ultimately, if you have enough funds, look for the opportunity to become a small entrepreneur and make your money work for you,”

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5. Love what you do

Lastly, he advises people to love what they do, because in loving what you do, you will be able to help more people and bring out the best in yourself and the people around you.

“In fact, my leadership style is people first and I really make a lot of effort and we put a lot of resources to really make people excited and inspired,”

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