Entrepreneur Makes It Big By Selling Bedsheets & Curtains, Earning 6-Digit Profits Weekly

An entrepreneur who had been through failed business found her luck in selling bedsheets and curtains.

Angeli Torres of Curtains & Bedsheets shared how she was able to grow her business by selling bedsheets and curtains. She was a former employee who found out that her salary wasn’t enough for her to have a stable savings fund.

Entrepreneur Makes It Big By Selling Bedsheets & Curtains, Earning 6-Digit Profits Weekly
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“Hindi ako nagtagal kasi stress out tapos wala ako masyadong naiipon kasi medyo malayo ang company ko. Ang pagkain, pamasahe, wala. So, after noon, nagdecide ako magresign at magisip-isip,” she shared on GMA’s Pera Paraan.

Soon, Angeli found herself venturing into business. She started selling different products, from printed t-shirts to souvenirs, and others. But it seems like luck wasn’t on her side in those business ventures. “Pagkatapos ng 1 to 2 businesses na nagfail, nagisip-isip ulit ako. Sobrang na depress,” she admitted.

Angeli soon realized that maybe her luck was just sitting in front of her. Her mother owns a fabric stall in the market. She noticed that many of her mother’s customers often ask if they know of a seamstress who can turn their fabrics into bedsheets or curtains. Angeli took this opportunity as a good sign that could be the business for her!

Things were going well for Angeli and her bedsheets and curtain business. They had a steady stream of customers who visit their stall. But like any good entrepreneur, Angeli, and her family was looking at expanding their business. It was Angeli’s sister who thought of posting their business online.

Angeli found their jackpot when they started their bedsheets and curtains online. Back in 2014 when they started, there weren’t many online shops yet selling bedsheets and curtains. But through the years, their following grew and they now have more than 250,000 followers on Facebook. Their business grew that they now have 25 seamstresses making beautiful curtains and bedsheets for their customers.

According to Angeli, bedsheets and curtains are good business ideas because, unlike food, they don’t spoil and are easier to store. Also, they don’t go out of style, unlike clothes.

Entrepreneur Makes It Big By Selling Bedsheets & Curtains, Earning 6-Digit Profits Weekly

When the pandemic hit, Angeli and her family didn’t expect that their products would still be selling like hotcakes. At a time when people were stuck at home due to the lockdown, many individuals realized how much they wanted to change their curtains or bedsheets. So, it presented a huge opportunity for Angeli and her sister. They sell their bedsheets for a price range of P300 to P1,000.

From a capital of P30,000, their bedsheet and curtain business is now earning over 6-digit profits weekly. “From Facebook business, hindi mo talaga memenosin na online seller ka lang. Sobrang unexpected, naging corporation kami,” Angeli proudy shared.

Like Angeli, you can also learn how to make use of social media platforms to expand your business. You can start by learning the 5 tips on successful direct selling on Facebook.

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