Former Call Center Agent Now Earning P40K To 100K Selling Tie-Dye Shirts

A former call center agent has successfully become an entrepreneur, all thanks to his bright and trendy tie-dye shirts. Cedrick John de Villa of Trippy Dyes shared his humble beginnings and how shirts can be a great business idea if done right.

Former Call Center Agent Now Earning P40K To 100K Selling Tie-Dye Shirts
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According to Cedrick, their business began when they were reselling tie-dye shirts made by a friend. He eventually decided to produce his own tie-dye shirts. With a P3,500 capital, Cedrick bought 30 pieces of shirts and P500 worth of dyes. He knew he was up to something big when he earned his first profit of P15,000 from his initial capital.

Cedrick decided to focus on his tie-dye shirt business and resigned from being a call center agent.

“Okay naman po ang sahod sa call center pero parang hindi po na su-supply yung mga needs. Nung nag-tie dye ako, kinita ko rin po yung kita ko sa call center. Hawak ko pa po ang oras ko. Minsan mas malaki pa,” he shared in an episode of GMA’s Pera Paraan.

Another factor that pushed him to quit his job is his passion and love for the craft. Managing his own business, Cedrick was able to have the freedom to manage his own time. “Sinabi ko sa wife ko na ito na lang talaga. Masaya ako sa ginagawa ko, hawak ko yung oras ko at nagagawa ko ang mga gusto ko,” he said.

But before achieving success, Cedrick admitted that the journey wasn’t a walk in the park. Everything was a learning process for them. Their earlier designs weren’t that great, and he had to learn the right combination of colors on his own. “Naka-50 t-shirts muna ako bago um-okay yung mga gawin namin. Mga 3 months din yun na ganoon,” he recalled.

Despite their success, Cedrick admits that managing his own business is not an easy task. But he’s nowhere near giving up because he is fueled by his dream for his family and children. With three children, Cedrick wants to provide his family with a better future. Thankfully, Cedrick is now building their dream house. He and his wife are also saving up for their children’s education.

According to Cedrick, they can earn as much as P40,000 monthly on their retail orders. But on months when they have bulk orders, they could earn as much as P60,000 to P150,000. Cedrick is also offering DIY tie-dye kits for sale for those wanted to learn how to do it on their own. These items are a sure hit! He said they earn P50,000 to P100,000 on these kits.

Tie-dye shirts and other fashionable clothes and items are among the top trending products to sell online. So, if you’re interested start building your small business now!

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