Comedian Brenda Mage Achieves Childhood Dream Of Owning A Farm

Owning a farm can be a great investment and an opportunity to earn money. If you are looking for a way to invest your money or start your own business, farming may be a perfect choice.

Comedian Brenda Mage Achieves Childhood Dream Of Owning A Farm
Screenshot via Brenda Mage via Youtube

Farming offers many benefits, including the potential for a steady income. You can grow food or raise livestock, both of which can be very profitable. An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) once shared his story of building a farm to prove that agribusiness is a sustainable livelihood option. Meanwhile, many people, such as journalist Susan Enriquez, who built a resort farm, find that working with nature provides a sense of fulfillment and peace that is difficult to find in other types of work or business.

Comedian Brenda Mage has also found a good way to invest his hard-earned money by buying and building his own farm. On Facebook, he proudly showed off his farm, which he said was the product of his hard work. He said he thought long and hard about what to name his farm since he has been dreaming of it since he was a child.

He wrote, “Magandang umaga mga kaibigan, sa tagal ng aking pag-iisip kung ano ang ipapangalan ko sa farm na ito ngayon,finally naka-isip na ako. Since, ito ay mula pa sa pangarap ko na gusto kung bilhin noong bata pa ako. Pinagtrabahuan ko talaga at pinaghirapan, ngayong nabili ko na siya at inayos para maging farm, I decided to name it ‘Hinaguan.'”

[Good morning, friends. For the longest time, I’ve been thinking of a name for my farm, and finally, I thought of one. Since I was a child, I’ve always dreamed of buying this land. I worked hard until, finally, I was able to buy it and turn it into a farm. I decided to name it ‘Hinaguan’]

According to Brenda, naming his farm ‘Hinaguan’ means that it was made out of his hard work and the fruits of his labor.

On his vlog via his Youtube channel, Brenda also gave a short tour around his farm and showed off the harvest. He is raising hogs and has a big pond for his catfish (hito). His farm also has many vegetables and root crops, like corn, monggo, okra, peanuts, and sweet potatoes. He has several fruit-bearing trees, like mangoes, coconuts, and more. Brenda also grows Talisay and Pine trees. He also has a rice field that is waiting for harvest. It’s truly a great farm!

There have been many inspiring stories of successful agripreneurs. For instance, a double-degree holder found success as a farmer. If you love nature and you can afford to buy a farm lot, farming could be a great business venture to start. Good luck!

You can watch Brenda’s vlog about his farm via his Youtube channel:

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