Couple Builds ‘Beach’ Pool Resort In The Middle Of Rice Fields

A couple showed ingenuity and great business moves as they built an impressive pool resort in the middle of rice fields!

Couple Builds 'Beach' Pool Resort In The Middle Of Rice Fields
Screengrab: GMA via Youtube

Some time ago, a couple also built a coffee shop in the middle of a rice field and it was such a huge success. So, why not a pool resort?

In Isabela, 3S Island Beach Pool Mini Resort is a must-go tourist destination. It is owned by the family of Prelan Valencia. Formerly, their family’s private resthouse, they turned into a resort that many people couldn’t wait to visit.

The unique ‘beach’ pool is really impressive because it gives you the beach resort vibe, even if it’s located in the middle of a rice field. In an interview on GMA’s ‘Dapat Alam Mo’, Prelan shared the motivation behind their one-of-a-kind resort.

According to Prelan, the land was actually an inheritance given to her by her parents. So, she started taking care of different animals, like chickens, fishes, and more. It was like a mini-farm for the family to enjoy.

She described, “Dun ko po naisip na magtayo ng maliit na swimming pool kase yung mga anak ko, nagsi-swimming sila dun sa box ng tilapia.

During the pandemic, they decided to open the place for the public and turn the 4,000-sq meter into a unique resort. They used 15 trucks of sand to replicate the beach sand.

Couple Builds 'Beach' Pool Resort In The Middle Of Rice Fields
Screengrab: Stay Humble PH via Youtube

They also built a swimming pool in the design of Singapore’s iconic Merlion. The resort also has a kiddie pool, jacuzzi, function halls, cottage, and private villa. It even has a beach volleyball area. Guests can really enjoy and unwind in this fun place!

And since you’re in the middle of the verdant surrounding, you’ll be treated to fresh air. Prelan said, “Iba po kase talaga ung ambiance dito sa bukid. Talagang mare-refresh ka sa presko na hangin, presko na view, makikita mo yung mga palayan.”

They always say that finding the best location is an important step in starting a business. Most often, it’s suggested that it should be crowded and lots of people. However, there are also ingenious ideas like these of turning a unique idea into a great business! So, go be brave in trying out your idea, it could be the next big thing.

You can watch the video from GMA’s YouTube channel:

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