Dimples Romana Recalls Taking A Leap Of Faith Investing In Farmlands

Farmland is a good investment for both your short-term and long-term goals. It offers many opportunities for you to earn money and create wealth. For one, the land itself is a hard asset with a value that appreciates over time. As the demand for food increases, so does the demand for farm lots. Hence, the value of your investment in food production increases over time.

There are also many ways you can earn money through your farm for your short-term goals. You can rent out a portion of your land to tenants. You can raise animals or grow crops. There are also many energy or telecommunications companies looking for big lots to lease for their cell towers and other structures.

Dimples Romana is one of those who found success investing, mostly in real estate and property. She owns a commercial building, several farms, condominium units, and more. She recalled in an article on Philstar, that she and her husband, Boyet, went through sleeping on the floor and accepting hand-me-down appliances as newlyweds. Because of these experiences, they became motivated to find ways to earn and to learn to invest.

Dimples Romana Recalls Taking A Leap Of Faith Investing In Farmlands
Image by Dimples Romana via Instagram

The celebrity knows how farmland would reap a lot of rewards and benefits, but still, taking such a huge amount of capital is also a risk. In an earlier vlog via JBSolis House YouTube channel, Dimples recalled that she had P350,000 ready for a downpayment to buy a car. But while browsing through some advertisements, she stumbled upon farmland for sale. Taking a leap of faith, she changes her plans.

She said, “Sinabi ko sa asawa ko na hindi ko na bibilhin ko yung sasakyan. Bibilhin ko na lang yung farm lot sa Alfonso.” [I told my husband that I will no longer buy the car. Instead, I’ll purchase the farm lot in Alfonso.]

Now, Dimples says her farm in Alfonso is their little paradise. Aside from the joys of having a quiet place away from the city, they also enjoy a bountiful harvest of lanzones, rambutan, dragon fruit, coconuts, and many more. Dimples earlier shared that among her top investment advices is to invest in things that matter, and to be ready to make sacrifices.

Many celebrities have found peace and yes, money, in having their own farms. For instance, Susan Enriquez opened her farm to the public and turned it into a farm resort.

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