P5k ‘Ayuda’ Turned Into A Successful Fishball Sauce Business With Resellers Nationwide & Abroad

Some say that the secret to a great fishball is the sauce. This could be true because one businessman found success with his fishball sauce recipe! His business became so successful that now has resellers nationwide and even abroad.

P5k 'Ayuda' Turned Into A Successful Fishball Sauce Business With Resellers Nationwide & Abroad
Screengrab: GMA via Youtube

An episode of GMA’s Pera Paraan tells the inspiring story of Mang Richie, or Richie Fernandez, of Manong’s Fishball Sauce. Mang Richie recalled that their business started in the middle of the pandemic in May 2020. At that time, Mang Richie and his family received P5,000 ‘ayuda’ or financial assistance. Since those were difficult times with financial challenges and changes, the family thought of putting the money to good use.

“Nagisip kami kung paano ito palaguin, kung paano patagalin,” he said.

The idea came from their family’s love for fishballs. But since it was not allowed to sell fishballs outdoors, they decided to offer bottled fishball sauce instead. This way, people can cook their own fishballs at home and enjoy Mang Richie’s brand of fishball sauce. Like Maricar Reyes’ top food business advice, always come up with a very good product. Mang Richi did exactly that and he was able to reap the rewards of their resourcefulness and hard work.

Manong Richie’s Fishball Sauce became such a hit! Due to their numerous resellers, it has reached all over parts of the country, and even abroad. “Sa ngayon, nationwide, tapos meron na rin sa US, Orange Country, LA. Pati sa Japan, Yokohama. Meron rin sa Australia, at Vienna,” Mang Richie shared.

P5k 'Ayuda' Turned Into A Successful Fishball Sauce Business With Resellers Nationwide & Abroad
Screengrab: GMA via Youtube

With the success of their fishball sauce business, they are now earning 5-digit income monthly. It’s also supporting the needs of their family. They were even able to purchase health insurance for their family members.
Miggy, Mang Richie’s daughter, expanded their business by opening a “tusok-tusok” or streetfood kiosk in malls.

According to Mang Richie, the real secret to their success is more than their bestselling sauce, but their family’s teamwork. There have been many simple business ideas that have gone big due to support and determination. Another businesswoman also earns P120,000 monthly due to a fishball sauce recipe.

How to make Manong Richie’s Popular Fishball Sauce

Prepare the following ingredients: Soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, water, and cornstarch. In a pot under low fire, add the soy sauce and vinegar. According to Mang Richie, it’s important to wait for the vinegar to cook because it helps the sauce last longer. Wait for 2-3 minutes for the vinegar to cook, and don’t stir it.

Then, add the sugar to the mixture. In a small bowl, make a slurry by adding cornstarch to water. This will thicken the sauce. Add it to the mixture as well. Wait until the sauce reached the right thick consistency and simmer for 2 more minutes. Once done, set them aside to cool before putting them in bottles ready to sell.

You can watch the video from GMA’s Youtube channel:

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