Former Bank Employee, Owner of PH’s Popular ‘Burger ng Bayan’

Angel’s Burger is so popular that it has more than a thousand outlets all over the Philippines. This successful business was a product of Joseph and Vicky Mojica’s leap of faith.

Dubbed as the “Burger ng Bayan,” Angel’s Burger is famous for its buy 1, take 1 burgers. Their husband-and-wife tandem was successful as Angel’s Burger is now one of the most popular food kiosks in the country. Vicky shared on ABS-CBN’s My Puhunan the humble beginnings of their business.

Angel's burger
Image by My Puhunan via Twitter

Vicky and Joseph were ordinary employees working in a bank and fastfood. In the 90s, they decided to resign from their jobs and took a leap of faith. They franchised a burger business and ventured into several more.

“Lahat ng pwede kong gawing negosyo, ginawa ko,” Vicky recalled.

When their daughter Angel was born, Vicky asked permission from their franchiser if they could start a burger business of their own.

In 1997, they built their first burger shop and named it after Angel. Their initial capital P20,000 because at that time, the freezer was only around P10,000. But unfortunately, their first try wasn’t successful.

Hoping for a better life, the couple decided to become Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). But luck finally came in for Vicky when she won the jackpot in a slot machine in Las Vegas. She won $10,000 or around P500,000 at that time.

Instead of spending her prize, Vicky and Joseph decided to come home and invest more in their burger business.

“Paguwi namin  ginamit po namin ang lahat ng pera para pagandahin po ang Angel’s. Binago namin ang pamamaraan ng pasweldo, ang pagkain lalo namin pinasarap, at iyong itsura po binago namin,” Vicky shared.

Angel's burger
Image by My Puhunan via Twitter

With their buy 1, take 1 strategy, many people are doubtful if it’s sustainable and profitable. Vicky replied that she believes that it’s better to earn a little but consistently.

“Konting kita basta dire-diretso ay okay na. Hindi kami naghangad ng sobra sobrang kita. Basta sigurado lang po na araw-araw may kita, masaya na po kami,” entrepreneur explained.

Angel, who is now all grown up, shares how proud she is of her hardworking parents.

In the end, Vicky said their burger business is a product of their love for food. They wanted to share their favorite food to the rest of the Pinoys.

Sally Mae
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