High School Students Earn P30K to P50K A Month Selling Nacho Bake

How old were you when you became interested in business? Two high school students prove that being  successful entrepreneurs know no age. Sisters Kelsey and Kelshia Lopez, aged 15 and 16, are already busy managing their successful nacho bake business.

High School Students Earn P30K to P50K A Month Selling Nacho Bake
Screengrab by GMA via Youtube

Kelsey and Kelshia of Nacho Macho MNL share their inspiring story of venturing into business at a young age. They shared their inspiration and how they are able to juggle studies and business.

According to Kelsey, their business was simply made out of their family’s midnight craving. Their father encouraged them to make a business out of the nacho bake their family enjoys. “We came up with this last lockdown, one night when our mommy made nachos for our midnight snack. Our dad said why not make it into a business since we’re not doing anything any ways,” Kelsey shared on Pera Paraan.

For a week, the sisters did their research and developed their own baked nacho recipe. Soon, they were able to run their own nacho bake business. As high school students, Kelsey and Kelshia continued to juggle their studies and their business. According to Kelshia, managing a business while being a student is not a hindrance but a good opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

“If you have school then you have business pa, then it’s a great opportunity for you,” Kelshia said.

The sisters were able to repay and even grow the P5,000 capital they borrowed from their parents. They are now earning as much as P30,000 to P50,000 with their bestselling nacho bake.

High School Students Earn P30K to P50K A Month Selling Nacho Bake
Image by Pera Paraan via Facebook

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs

According to the young entrepreneurs, their advice is to find what you love doing. Discover your passion and enjoy doing you business. “Find your passion or what you’re interested at, whether it’s cooking, baking, or in the cosmetic field,” Kelsey advised.

“Just be hopeful and do what you love because if you love what you’re doing, you will enjoy. Then you will appreciate all the efforts and hardwork you put into your business,” Kelshia said.

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How to Make Cheesy Beefy Nacho Bake

First, saute onion and garlic in beef oil. Add in ground beef and their special nacho seasonings. Cook until beef is bit dry. Set aside once done. Next, start preparing the cheese sauce.

In a sauce pan, melt butter and add in flour. Whisk together until the flour is cooked. Slowly add in the milk as you whisk the sauce gently. Add in the cheese as you continuously mix the sauce to remove any lumps. To make the mixture sauce, alternate adding in milk and cheese while stirring it. Once you get a thick and smooth consistency, set aside.

Then, you prepare the salsa. In a bowl, mix chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and white sugar. You can now start assembling your nacho bake. In a pan, add in the cooked beef, then put in three layers of cheese: the cheese sauce, grated cheese, and their signature cheese drizzle. Bake until the cheeses melt. To serve, eat it with fried tortillas and salsa. Enjoy!

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