Online Seller, Viral for Answering Tambays’ Questions While Live Selling

A handsome online seller often gets ‘tambays’ while live selling – and his hilarious responses to their comments or questions propelled him to stardom.

Bibili po ba kayo?” he asked in frustration after dozens of tambays flooded his live selling feed with questions that are totally unrelated to the stuff he’s selling. Poor seller – but we’re also smiling at how he handles the situation.

Online Seller Goes Viral for Hilarious Responses to Tambays

Reminiscent of funny live seller ‘Madam Inutz’ who also went viral for having ‘tambays’ while live selling, a handsome young seller known as Vrix Gallano is also getting these tambays on his feed.

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Photo credit: @vrixgallano

What makes it more fun is that instead of getting angry (well, he sometimes looks frustrated), he decided to accommodate his tambays – and even answers their hilarious, totally-unrelated-to-buying questions.

Here’s one video:

Watch another video here:

Similar clips of Gallano’s live feeds are spreading across social media like wildfire, and he’s also quickly becoming the subject of memes and included in other TikTok videos.

online seller
Photo credit: @vrixgallano

Here’s one of these edited videos:


Sobrang LT mo kuya HAHAHAHAHAHA @Vrix Gallano #fyp

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It’s obvious that many of the people who are hanging out on his live selling feed are just there for fun and are hoping that he would read out their hilarious questions and get a funny response.

Of course, we know that the seller is also hoping that these tambays will buy from him, but it’s great that he’s actually responding to their requests or comments.

He’s even incorporating props into his live selling as if he’s a standup comedian.

Online Seller, Viral for Answering Tambays’ Questions While Live Selling
Photo credit: @vrixgallano

And while most of the people aren’t there to buy, it seems that this is an effective marketing strategy for his business.

Some people are also saying that this might even propel him to stardom and turn him into a TV personality or an actor, just like what happened to Madam Inutz.

Live Selling Platforms

Facebook remains among the most popular platforms for online live selling, but others have also followed suit.

Online marketplaces like Shopee also have their own options for live selling, while other sellers have also found a selling platform on TikTok.

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