Jericho Rosales’ Viral Look-Alike Finds Success As Franchisee Of Skin Care Business

Do you remember the viral Jerico Rosales look-alike? His name is Junrey Baug, and since he has gone viral for his resemblance to the popular actor, many things have changed for him. From a construction worker, he is now an endorser of many brands and has opened his own franchise skincare business.

Jericho Rosales' Viral Look-Alike Finds Success As Franchisee Of Skin Care Business
Images by Junrey Baug via Facebook

He’s now a proud Shiro Skin Care Products reseller, and his humble life as a construction worker has changed. On his official Facebook page, which has over 53,000 followers, he offers his products and even offers free delivery within his area. Aside from his business, he continues to be humble and still enjoys the simple life in his hometown, Monkayo, Davao de Oro.

In another post, he shared that has opened his own branch as endorser-franchisee of Shiro Skincare Main and Lipogen Health and Wellness. Junrey is truly thankful for what he calls a “once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity.”

In an interview with Davao vlogger Chito Samontina, Junrey admitted that when he became viral, he had to face hurtful words from other people. Many made fun of his resemblance to Jericho. But despite it all, he feels grateful for the attention because his life has changed greatly.

Speaking in Visayan, Junrey said, “Nakuratan ko sir, kay gikan sa pag-construction, nahimo kong endorser ug lahi-lahing products.” [I was surprised. From working in the construction, I’m now an endorser of different brands and products.]

With his hard work and luck, Junrey admitted that he’s now earning more than he expected. He saw how his business and work as an endorser have made his family’s life so much better. “Nakaka-kwarta na sir. Lahi ra jud karon. Sa una sa construction, ga-trabaho ka kada-adlaw. Sa ingon man gud kay murag maski gahigda-higa lang ka kay naay madawat nimo,” he revealed. [I now have money. This income is far different from when I was still working in construction. Before, I had to work hard every day, but this time, even if I’m just lounging at home, I get to earn.]

Like Junrey, there have been entrepreneurs who also found luck venturing into the skincare business. A single mom was able to turn her P3,000 capital into P3 million thanks to being a reseller of skincare products. If you’re interested in reselling, it’s best to learn tips and advice to be successful.

You can watch the vlog of Chito Samontina via his YouTube channel:

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