Julia Barretto’s New Swimwear Line Is Perfect For Summer

Part of being a good entrepreneur is learning to keep up with the seasons of business. Sometimes there are peak months when orders are outpouring. Meanwhile, during lean months, either you hold on or try to innovate to keep up with the times.

Julia Barretto's New Swimwear Line Is Perfect For Summer
Image by the Juju Club via Facebook

Julia Barreto is one smart entrepreneur as she launched a new swimwear line just in time for summer. The Juju Club, Julia’s online business, is expanding and innovating to keep with the seasons and trends. Earlier, she opened the Juju Club’s first pop-store which was a great success. Julia wants her shop to be a “one-stop shop for every girl’s needs.”

For summertime, Julia launched Juju Swim, a “must-have” swimwear line that’s great for anyone who wants to enjoy the beach and look great in their OOTDs.

On Facebook, Julia said that she feels so fulfilled being an entrepreneur as they launch Juju Swim. She also promised that this is just the beginning of more great things to come for her online shop. She wrote, “It’s been a month–a wild, crazy, over-the-moon, dreams-come-true type of month—since we launched #JUJUSWIM and we couldn’t be happier.”

“Thank you all for your wonderful support and amazing feedback on our first collection. This is only the beginning, and we can’t wait to have you on this beautiful journey with us!,” she added.

In a video where she launched Juju Swim, Julia had a profound realization about learning to explore and discover things that are out of your comfort zone. From being an actress for such a long time, Julia said she’s at her season when she just wants to explore. And she couldn’t be any happier as an entrepreneur!

She said, “Sometimes when we’re in one place, we actually forget there’s more things to discover outside. Just don’t get stuck. Get out of your comfort zone.”

True to Julia’s words, there have been many people who found unexpected success in business when they came out of their comfort zones. For instance, two teachers left their profession to become owners of a special taho business. An engineering graduate found his happiness as a chicken breeder.

There’s so much more “plot twists” in life that will just surprise. The best thing about this is, sometimes, success often comes after failures. So, if you feel like you’re stuck or at a crossroads of making a huge life change, assess your situation and maybe being an entrepreneur could be where you’ll find luck.

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