Nadine Lustre On Building Her Online Businesses: ‘It’s An Extension Of Myself’

In today’s world, celebrities are finding online businesses to be lucrative ventures thanks to their star power and influence. This time, Nadine Lustre is taking her shot at launching several online businesses. She has two online stores, and, which reflect her passions and interests. Hence, the actress makes sure she is very hands-on in handling her businesses.

Nadine Lustre On Building Her Online Businesses: 'It's An Extension Of Myself'
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Her first store,, reflects Nadine’s love for plants. In the online store, you can purchase different kinds of indoor plants and a wide selection of products that will help you care for your plants. Nadine guarantees that she hand-picked and chose all of the items.

Her newer online store,, is a store that reflects Nadine’s love for fashion and makeup. You can soon purchase Nadine’s makeup collection, which includes items such as lip and cheek tint, an eyebrow gel, a waterproof mascara, an eyeshadow palette, and more. But for now, you can purchase Luster perfume and some preloved garments from Nadine’s personal wardrobe.

Using the power of digital technology, Nadine is able to boost her online businesses by launching them through Shopboxo, which helps entrepreneurs build their online stores hassle-free. According to Nadine, using this technology has made it easier for her to manage her businesses. She said in an article in the Manila Bulletin, “It can be a bit difficult to handle an online business, but I’m glad Shopboxo is there to make things easier. It only takes a few minutes to set up your own store on the app, and the best part is it’s free.”

In an earlier interview with TaxWhizPH, Nadine shared how she ensures that all the products she sells are a reflection of herself, her standards, and her passion. “With my makeup, for example, not necessarily gumawa, but kapag nagbigay sila ng samples, I really have to check. Tina-try ko talaga and I really use it talaga kasi yung makeup na yun in an extension of myself,” she said, [For example, my makeup is meticulously checked, even though I did not make it. I try and use them because these products are an extension of myself.]

“So, I make sure I put effort and time into the designs, the colors, the name, even the packaging. Talagang binubuhos ko lahat. I make sure na involved talaga ako,” she added. [I gave my all in terms of effort and time. I ensure that I’m involved in every aspect of the product from the designs, colors, name, and even the packaging.]

“Iba kasi talaga kapag nilalagay mo yung puso mo sa business,” she reiterated. [It’s different when you put your heart into your business.] Numerous successful businesspeople, including Gladys Reyes and Ramon S. Ang, have highlighted this mindset. As an entrepreneur, you want to put all your effort, love, and passion into your business. Hence, it’s better to choose a business that’s close to your heart!

You can watch Nadine talk about being an entrepreneur via TaxWhizPH via Youtube:

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