Former Promodiser Now Owner Of Bestselling Batangas Pupor That’s Viral On Social Media

For an entrepreneur from Batangas, a simple monoblock chair will always be a reminder of how far he has come in his business journey.

Former Promodiser Now Owner Of Bestselling Batangas Pupor That's Viral On Social Media
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Jerome Macatangay, the owner of Pupor’s Choice Chicharon, shared how he started his Pupor, or Batangas chicharon or bagnet, business. In an episode of Philstar’s Profile, Jerome recalled that he started his business during the height of the pandemic in September 2020. Since then, he said that their business is now earning 5-digit figures monthly. They can sell 1,000 to 1,500 boxes in a month.

Jerome recalled that his first batch of pupors was given to their family and friends. When they earned their approval, they finally had the confidence to start selling it to others. They began by displaying 5 packs of pupors on a monoblock chair just outside their house.

“Pinatikim namin sa relatives, kaibigan, okay daw. Kaya naglakas loob kami ngayon na ibenta sa ibang tao. Nag-start kami no’n sa isang monoblock chair,” he shared.

[We gave it to our friends and family to taste, and everyone thought it was good. That gave us the confidence to start selling to other people. We started displaying our packs on a monoblock chair.]

Soon, they realized that they were on their way to success. From 10 kilograms, they had to cook 17 kilograms, 25 kilograms, and so on until they are now cooking 75 to 150 kilograms of meat daily at the very least.

Former Promodiser Now Owner Of Bestselling Batangas Pupor That's Viral On Social Media
Image by Pupor’s Choice via Facebook

When their business was gaining ground, Jerome resigned from his job as a promodiser of a furniture company to go full-time on their business.

Jerome’s advice is to work on social media marketing. He admitted that social media was one of the key factors in their success. He said, “Almost 95%, nakatutok po talaga sa social media. So, ‘yun ‘yung ginamit kong pinakasandata para mai-explore ko si Pupor’s Choice.” [Almost 95% of people are focused on social media. So, that was the weapon I used to introduce Pupor’s Choice.]

True enough, it’s been proven and tested how social media presence can help promote your business.

Now, it’s normal for Jerome to see customers from Laguna, Pangasinan, and other locations drop by their store to buy in bulk. Most of them said that they knew about his product on TikTok. From their 5 packs displayed on a monoblock chair, they can now sell over 100 to 200 packs a day.

Pupor’s Choice’s success was even more inspiring because Jerome admitted he’s not good at cooking. Determined to succeed, he tried and tested to achieve the right taste and crispiness of his pupors. This reminds us of the story of the nurse who didn’t know how to cook but now has 4 branches of tapsihan.

“Bigay lang po talaga ni Lord ito sa akin,” Jerome shared. [This was just given to me by God.]

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