23 Business Ideas in the Philippines for 2018

Nothing is constant on this Earth except change; thus, we should expect things to change around us, even in the business environment. While there are businesses that remain popular no matter the location or era, there are also others that come and go with the times.

Business Ideas You Can Start in the Philippines

1. Coworking Office Spaces

Have you heard about coworking office spaces? These days, there are a lot of freelancers who are not required to go to the office but have the option to simply stay at home; the problem there lies when the person has no office space at home – and there are kids or other distractions that prevent them from getting work done.

This is where coworking office spaces come in. In this setup, you can rent desks to freelancers (they bring their own laptops) and provide them with internet access plus other stuff, including free-flowing coffee and a locker. You can offer monthly memberships or let clients drop in for a certain fee.

business ideas in the philippines Coworking Office Spaces

2. Tech Gadgets Store

Tech gadgets are always a lucrative business because people these days can’t live without one. While this might require a large capital, it is a good idea if you have the money or can find business partners.

3. Milk Shake Booth

Milk shakes are the “in” thing these days. You can find a lot of franchise options for a milk shake booth. While it would be great to put one up in a mall, you can also get a spot near a school or an office. Aside from booths, there are also milk shake shops where customers can hang out; the latter is a good idea if you have a larger capital.

4. Personalized Paper Products

While it is true that most people are into gadgets and electronic stuff these days, choosing to use tablets and laptops to take notes instead of the old route of using a pen and paper, there’s actually a good market for personalized paper products just because people love the novelty of writing on notepads and notebooks that bear their name with cute cartoon characters.

In this business, you can also provide tags, paper bags, flyers, and other products for businesses. And when the year is nearing its end, you can also offer personalized journals and planners.

business ideas in the philippines Personalized Paper Products

5. Personalized Pillows, Bags, Other Accessories

If you are artistic, you can use that talent to market personalized items like bags, pillows, and other items. This option is great for giveaways during special occasions or even sell to customers who would love to decorate their homes with personalized stuff so it would be unique.

6. Couple Shirts

With the advent of social media came people who love to post photos together with their special someone – and that brought a market for couple shirts. While cheesy prints are great, you can also think of funny ones as well as unique options that your customers would love to wear.

7. Family Clothes

Did you know that there’s actually a good market for family clothes that come in similar prints? A lot of moms these days enjoy ‘twinning’ with their kids because the kids do look so cute when you dress them up alike.

You can offer items for the whole family or just for moms and kids or even dads and kids. This is also a good option for those whose husbands or boyfriends aren’t into ‘twinning’ but don’t mind letting their families wear the same thing.

8. Photobooth

These days, people rarely have their photos printed, mostly because there are too many to print! LOL.

Back in the day when cameras can only handle 36 shots at most, it was necessary to print those films because you can’t see the photos if you don’t do it but today, you can take 36 shots in less than 36 seconds, with just one subject. These days, cellphones can take excellent photos and store thousands, even millions of stuff. Printing all of those photos is not just unnecessary but can also be expensive.

But during special events, you can offer photobooths. Such are quite popular because the guests can have fun taking wacky photos, especially seeing they can receive printed copies. Photobooths are so popular that some people no longer put a budget for giveaways because the souvenir photos from the photobooths become the ones that the people bring back home.

9. Wedding and Events Coordination

These days, people expect so much from weddings and special events that weddings and events coordination has become a popular business. This actually works because the coordinators provide their customers with great events without them having to do the leg work; thus, it is ideal for busy brides and grooms or other customers who don’t have time to do the coordination themselves.

What also makes this business great is that the coordinators offer customers a list of suppliers they know can provide the best in their respective fields or perhaps the most budget-friendly option.

Wedding and Events Coordination

10. Imported Goods

It could not be denied that imported goods are popular in the Philippines mostly because a lot of Filipinos have this notion that these are ‘better’ than the local brands. While that shouldn’t be the case and that we’re supposed to promote the ‘sariling atin’ (our own products), the fact that Filipinos do love important brands allows you to open a business selling these products if you work abroad, have family that do, or have enough funds for trips abroad to buy the products you sell locally.

11. Cakes and Pastries

A party is never complete without cakes and pastries. So, if you have a talent in baking and decorating sweet treats, then this kind of business is ideal for you. It might take some time to build your client base but if you’re good at your craft, you’ll soon find yourself with lots of clients ordering cakes in advance!

12. Party Supplies

Filipinos love to throw parties – and this could be the start of a lucrative business for you. After all, not everyone has the time to go around and look for various stuff they need for a party. Provide a one-stop shop for your clients to order balloons, get lootbags, buy buntings, and other stuff needed for a party.

You can also invest in things like various designs for cupcake and cake stands as well as other party needs that you can rent out.

13. Writing Business

Got talent in writing? Instead of spending long hours debating with your friends on social media about this and that, use your talent (and time) in doing something useful that could bring you some extra cash by opening your own writing business.

You can choose to create your own blog/website or simply offer writing services.

14. Editorial Services

Have you noticed how there are a lot of trending blogs these days that are so popular yet have cringe-worthy articles, not because of the topic but due to the way the articles are written in poor English? You can offer your services to these blogs so they can improve their articles and have better authority.

15. Travel Agency

Have you noticed how there are some people who are trying to outdo each other on social media, especially when it comes to posting photos of the places they have gone to? Well, let them brag about their travels – while you earn by offering them tour packages so they can visit more places.

The more places they visit, the more bragging rights for them on social media, the more money for your travel agency!

business ideas Travel Agency

16. Life Coach Consultancy

With so many things going on around the world today, there are some people who get confused about their lives and feel that they have no idea what life they should really lead, what to do with their money (or lack of funds), and various things.

What’s great about being a life coach is that you can actually do it in the comfort of your own home, just communicating to your clients via online means.

17. Social Media Manager

A lot of people these days are so hooked on social media that their smartphones are considered to be their #1 prized possession. If you’re also fond of social media, then you can become a social media manager for a brand or website.

What makes this business great is that you can do something that you love and also get paid for it! Sounds exciting, right?

18. Travel Guide

Are you fond of traveling? If yes, then you probably have a lot of experience to share with people. Instead of just bragging about your trips to social media friends, why not earn something from it by creating a travel guide?

The easiest way to do it is to open a blog and post your experiences, with photos, maps, and tips that would not just inspire others to travel but also guide them in their trip, especially if it’s their first time to visit the place.

19. Drug Store

It’s a sad truth in life that people get sick. But when they do, they would need medicines to get better – because people get sick every single day, you can turn this into a business to earn money. While the reality behind the business is sad, at least you can provide these people with a means to make themselves better.

There are plenty of options for drug store franchise; although your choice might depend on your financial capability because some stores are definitely more expensive to franchise than the others.

20. Apps Creator

With so many people using their smartphones for just about everything, they turn to apps to help solve their problems or make things easier for them to do. If you learn how to code, you can create useful apps to offer people.

And if you’re lucky, your app might be the next viral thing and earn you a lot of money.

Apps Creator

21. Kids’ Playground

There is no question that the world’s population continues to balloon as each day passes by. This means that each year, more children are getting born and raised across the world. Because kids stay as kids for quite a long time, it is always a good idea to open a business that caters to kids.

While a kids’ playground type of business requires a huge capital for you to invest in the right equipment, the return on investment is usually great especially if you can find a spot inside the mall or near some place that is popular for families to visit.

22. Ukay Ukay Shop

It seems that an ukay ukay shop is never going to go out of business, especially because Pinoys love bargain finds! You can buy bundles to retail from shops selling ukay ukay in bulk, then just resell it to your customers.

You’ll be surprised at how much people are actually willing to pay for clothes, especially if they get good quality things (and imported brands!) at a good price.

23. 24-Hour Convenience Store

More cities across the Philippines are ‘waking up’ and becoming urbanized. This means that more people are also staying out late because they now have more hangouts to visit or that more night-shift jobs (such as call center ones) have become available for the locals to work in.

You can cater to the needs of this market by opening a 24-hour convenience store. While you can open a shop by yourself, you can also opt to go with popular franchise brands such as 7-Eleven and MINISTOP.

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