Engineering Graduate Didn’t Pass Board Exams, Finds Success in Online Selling

An engineering graduate didn’t pass the board exams but found success in a different field: online selling! Perhaps this is really where she’s meant to be?

Engineering Graduate Finds Success in Online Selling

Year after year, tens of thousands of new graduates feel disheartened after failing the board exams. And while this is truly heartbreaking, it’s not the end of the world.

Many of them found a way to improve and eventually pass their board exams on their next take (or after several more). What’s important is that they never quit.

engineering graduate
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Others like Jenalyn Serrano found a way to turn their fortune around by finding a new hobby or something they can earn money from – such as online selling.

But for Jenalyn, earning some extra money began even before she took the civil engineering board exams back in 2020.

Jenalyn accepted photography gigs, earning around Php30,000 to Php60,000 a month, to earn some extra cash for the board exams.

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Photo credit: @jena.gee / TikTok

And while she wasn’t able to pass the board exams on her first take, she didn’t the experience bring her down. Instead, she cheered herself up by finding other ways to have fun (and earn some money!) – and that’s how she discovered that you can also do live selling via the TikTok shop.

Jenalyn sells on TikTok through affiliate live selling wherein she earns commission from selling different brands of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Amazingly, while she only began selling on this shop in June 2022, she was already able to buy a secondhand car, motorcycle, and a lot. She also became the family’s breadwinner.

engineering graduate
Photo credit: @jena.gee / TikTok

How to Sell on TikTok

First, you need to open a merchant or business account on TikTok. Make sure to complete your profile.

Next, research and choose the products you want to sell. You can also link your shop or products to your TikTok account.

Then, create engaging content and find a good marketing strategy to attract customers.

You can also use TikTok ads if you have some extra cash to expand your store’s reach.

Also, make sure that you double-check the items you’re selling and promptly ship them to your customers.

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