Fish Vendor Proud Of How Her Business Helped Build Her 4-Storey Dream House

Working as a fish vendor in a market can be a challenging but rewarding job. It gives you the chance to run your own business, set your own hours, and deal with people from all walks of life. A fish vendor shared her story about how her small business helped build her big dreams.

Fish Vendor Proud Of How Her Business Helped Build Her 4-Storey Dream House
Screenshot from Eat Bulaga’s Youtube channel

On Eat Bulaga’s episode of “Bawal Ang Judgmental” segment, a contestant named Tina shared her success story as a fish vendor. According to her, she’s been running her business for 29 years, selling fish and other seafood at the Marikina Market. Tina said that her brother helps her purchase their seafood in Malabon very early in the morning, while she spends the rest of the day selling them at her stall.

With 7 children, under her wing, Tina worked hard to sustain their needs. She even sold siomai to help make ends meet. Now, after years of working hard on her business, Tina is proud that she’s able to send her children to school. Even more, she was able to build a 4-storey house!

Tina explained that she only dreamed of having a 2-storey house because they live in a flood-prone area. But she was grateful that God rewarded her hard work with more than she expected.

“Napakasaya po, sobra. Dati sabi ko kay Lord, ‘Lord, gusto ko ng kahit 2nd floor’ kasi Marikina, bahain ‘di ba? Second floor lang masaya na ako, pero ang bait talaga ni Lord. Binigyan niya na pa ako, 4th floor pa,” she explained. [I’m so happy. I use to ask God to give me at least a 2-storey house because Marikina is prone to flood. Just a 2-storey house and I’ll be very happy. But God is good, He have me more. He gave me 4 floors!]

When asked what are the key to successfully running her business, Tina only had simple answers and said it was hard work and strong faith in God. “Sipag at dasal po ang puhunan,” she added. [Hardwork and prayers are my capital]

As a fish vendor, Tina admitted that there are those who look down on her job, not knowing how being a vendor helped her achieve her life goals and dreams. “Okay lang po sa akin yun. Okay lang, basta ginagawa ko lang yung marangal na hanapbuhay,” she said. [It’s okay, as long as I’m running a decent livelihood.]

Truly, there’s no small business for those with big dreams. Don’t underestimate vendors like Tina and others like Aling Bebe who sells magic water and the siomai vendor in Munoz, because their stalls may be small but their incomes could surely surprise you!

You can skip to 28:04 to watch Tina’s story via Eat Bulaga’s Youtube channel:

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