Pharmacist Resigns From Regular Job To Become A Piggery Owner & Meat Vendor

Like many business owners who started by coming out of their comfort zone, the inspiring story of Iloisa Marie Lebrilla will remind us that life truly has its own unexpected twists and turns.

Pharmacist Resigns From Regular Job To Become A Piggery Owner & Meat Vendor
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Iloisa Marie is a licensed pharmacist who found success and happiness as a backyard piggery owner. In a story written by Janelle Lorzano via Philippine Star, she shares how she was motivated to take a big decision in her career to become a full-time businesswoman.

According to Iloisa, she started working at the hospital as soon as she passed the board exam. While it was rewarding to gain skills and experience, the salary wasn’t enough. She also thought of going abroad, until she found herself starting a backyard piggery and being a meat vendor in the market.

She admitted that many were doubtful of her decision. Many said that she was putting her career to waste by taking care of pigs. But Iloisa shrugged the negativity off and focused on her goal. Selling meat in the market was also nothing new to her. She and her 4 siblings were able to finish their studies as their parents were meat vendors.

“Para sakin po kasi, parang wala, wala lang po sakin ‘yung mga ganun. ‘Yung sinasabi nila na college graduate pero nagtitinda lang ganun kasi parang sakin kahit college graduate ako wala namang masama na magtinda sa palengke. Tuloy-tuloy lang kahit may mga pagsubok ganun. Tsaka ‘wag tayong magpapadala sa mga sinasabi ng iba. Alam naman natin mga Pinoy, madaming sinasabi,” she shared.

Since becoming a piggery owner, Iloisa saw how her income significantly changed. Before, when she was working in the hospital, her income was less than P15,000. Now that she’s in the piggery business and selling in the market, she earns P1,000 to P2,000 a day in the market. When she’s selling pigs, she could get as much as P100,000 for 10 heads.

In the end, Iloisa encouraged those who considering a different career to weigh all the options and take a brave risk. If you can, you don’t have to give up your career and juggle business with it. But if you can see that you find happiness and earn more in business, try giving it your full focus.

“‘Wag tayong mawawalan ng pag asa na ituloy ‘yung pangarap natin. Parang dun tayo mag focus. Focus sa goal. Pero syempre hindi lang puro focus, hindi lang puro pangarap, dapat nasa gawa din,” she added.

Like Iloisa, there have been several stories of career shifts that turned fruitful. some stories were about the 2 teachers who resigned and became owners of a specialty taho shop, the double-degree graduate who became a farmer, and many others.

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